Meet The Sponsor Children

Sponsor Children

I would love to introduce you to my two beautiful sponsor children!

>>  Dani Alberto Ramos Carrasco was born March 27, 2012 and is currently blind in both eyes. He helps his family by running errands, but really enjoys to play group games - especially baseball! He lives with both of his parents in the Dominican Republic. 

>>  Mareleiny Aimal Lopez Peña was born on January 24, 2010 and struggles with asthma. She also likes to help her family by running errands, but really loves to play with her dolls and draw pictures in her spare time. She lives with both of  her parents in the Dominican Republic. 

*Both of these children are sponsored through Compassion International. If you would like to sponsor a child or check them out, please click the link or google "sponsor a child." There are several great organizations out there, and I have two other children (personally) through World Vision and Africa New Life. It is a great experience getting to help out someone else in need and know your money and hard work is going towards changing not only a child's life, but a family and sometimes even the community! Plus the letters alone from the children are enough to just fill your heart up. So definitely pray about this fantastic opportunity! 

If YOU WANT TO WRITE THE CHILDREN,  please just send me an email below and I will include your message in my next letter to them! The kids LOVE getting mail, so any encouraging things you want to say would mean the world to them! If you have any other ideas of things you would like to do or ways you can help or donate, don't hesitate to ask! 


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