My shop story was actually not intentional from the beginning.

I was an art student and taking a screenprinting class for fun during my senior year. For one of our class projects our teacher wanted us to learn how to print on fabric/apparel because the process is so different. I instantly FELL. IN. LOVE! At the time I was just starting to get into handlettering, so I thought it would be cool to print my lettering on a t-shirt and wear it around. The idea of getting to wear something that I made pretty much totally BLEW my mind - and when I saw the finished result, I was overjoyed! I snapped a picture and posted in on Instagram to share with all my friends because I was so impressed, and honestly kind of shocked that it worked (if you don't know, the screenprinting process is a laborious and time consuming process). Anyways, almost instantly I was getting comments, texts and messages that my friends wanted to buy my shirt! I was (again) shocked! I hadn't even considered selling all the t-shirts I made (which at the time was like, 25, and what was I going to do with all of those?!). Thinking to myself that it WOULD be nice to be able to refund myself for all the money I had to spend on supplies, I figured I would give it a go! I calculated the cost of the materials and realized each shirt, not including labor, cost me about $10 so I figured that was a good price to sell them for. I sold out quickly, and then had to ask my professor if I could keep printing to sell some more. He was totally fine with it, and before I knew it, I had a little shop. With some more time in the class, I decided I would create a few more designs and sell a mini-collection on Etsy!