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 Hello friends!

I started building out a list - and figured I'd just turn it into a blog post! I'll keep adding to this as I find new links and things that would be helpful (and feel free to share anything that should be on this list).

Hopefully some of these links can be helpful as you continue to navigate staying home!

Work From Home Tips:

    Tips For Supporting Small Businesses:

    • When and if you can, still purchase from a small business! Whether that’s drive by pick up, buying a gift card, not asking for a refund, etc. We can work together through this time!
    • If you can’t support financially, there’s other FREE ways you can support small:
      • Share their posts on your social pages
      • Like and comment on their social pages
      • Leave a public review 
      • Send them a message and give them encouragement!
      • Post pictures of your using/enjoying the product
      • Share whenever they’re having a sale/launch/etc.

    Tips if You ARE A Small Business

    • Adobe Creative Cloud is offering 2 months free, to help out
    • Jenna Kutcher has a “Small Business Survival Guide” for free (link here)
    • Guidance and loans from Small Business Association (link
    • Small Biz Survival Guide from US Chamber (link)
    • Stimulus Package Explained by Jenna Kutcher (link)


    Health & Wellness Tips:

    • Everyday, write down 5 things you’re grateful for
    • Do an at home workout (My favorite YouTube accounts are Blogilates and Pop Sugar Fitness. PSF also is currently offering MORE free classes through the ACTIVE platform (link here).
    • Call or video chat with loved ones often (daily!)
      • Or even using a video app like Marco Polo is great!
      • Don’t like video? The app “Voxer” is for video “texting”
    • Here’s a list of scriptures on Peace
    • Mindful coloring freebie (link here)
    • Adopt a Foster Pet (or just go ahead and adopt) - (link)
    • List of Workout Resources & Apps (link)
    • Hallmark-esque Audiobook titled "Winter in Woodstock" - and it is written by a sweet customer of mine! (link)

    Creative Learning Freebies

    • Mock Calligraphy Freebie by Rosalynne Love (link)
    • 10 Free Lettering classes from Brit and Co (link)
    • Floral Watercolor E-Book Freebie (link here)
    • Free Coloring Pages from Emily Taylor (link here)
    • Free 10 Minutes To Lettering Basics Guide (link here)
    • Coloring pages from Brit + Co (link)

    Gardening Freebies:

    • Beekeeping Basics class (link here)
    • DIY Compost Bucket (link)
    • Grow Your Own Food Online Class - use code "stayhome" (link)

    Virtual Tours

    For Kids

    • Have them create art, and then mail it to loved ones (or nursing homes)
    • Free watercoloring pages (download them here)
    • Studio DIY has an entire blog post called “Toddler Camp” with a TON of amazing ideas on themed activities and crafts for each day (likely with things you already have around the house)
    • Brit + Co has a list of over 45+ things to do with kids (crafts, museums, coloring pages, schooling, etc). - (link)

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