Tuesdays Together Recap with Natalie Frank


 I'm so excited to write up this little recap!

Two weeks ago we had our April Tuesday's Together meeting, but it was a little extra special for a few reasons.

First off, we had Natalie Franke, the founder of Rising Tide Society and Tuesday's Together, come to our event! (!!!)

Second, we combined the Marietta, Atlanta, North Atlanta and Augusta's Tuesday Together groups together! It was a treat to get to meet and see creatives from all over the Greater-Atlanta area, all in one location. 

This event was held at the Wimbish House in downtown Atlanta, GA. One of my favorite thing about attending the Tuesday's Together events (other than getting to connect with creatives in my area) is getting to visit new locations all around the city. Atlanta is pretty huge (IMO) and so I feel like I'm constantly discovering new parts of towns and new locations. As an Atlanta newbie still, I'm still working on connecting the dots and getting to know my way around... so I always appreciate these events, and getting to help build my Atlanta-area location knowledge.

Tuesday's Together Rising Tide Society Natalie Franke | Atlanta, Georgia

So if you don't know about Rising Tide Society, or Tuesday's Together, then I definitely would recommend you check out the links/website to learn more! It's a really great free resource for entrepreneurs and creatives. 

RTS was started by a group of creatives that had this idea that it would be awesome if there was a resource for entrepreneurs. A place where entrepreneurs could connect with other like-minded individuals, get together regularly, and help one another grow. 

I know for me, it was a total game changer when I found other entrepreneurs that I could build community with!

When I first started my business, my sweet husband endured endless questions about my business and strategy, and he did his best to answer. But he's not an entrepreneur, and doesn't really think like one, so a lot of times he would say to me, "I don't know, sweet heart."

So when I found my tribe of creatives here in Atlanta, I was so thankful! I now have ladies that I can text and say, "Hey, what do you think about this product idea? Or how have you responded when X happened." and I can get real-time feedback and answers on situations I'm trying to figure out. Literally, it's been so wonderful and such a gift for my personal sanity, and for the health of my business.

Above photo by by Lauren Carnes | From L to R: Laura Barnes, Carrie Joy, Rosalynne, and Em Harris

Another thing I love about RTS is their hashtag - #CommunityOverCompetition. I've always believed that there's enough room for everyone who wants to pursue their creative passion. Am I the first person to screenprint on a t-shirt and see it? Nope! But am I the only one who has my specific story, my voice, my God-given gifts, talents and abilities? Yes!

God has called me to this business, and there's no one else that can share my story just like I can. There are people who need to hear my story, my voice, my perspective - because it will resonate with them and help encourage them. I don't want to have the by stander affect, and just assume that someone else is pursuing their calling. I have no control over that. I only have control over what I choose to do. 

So I love this perspective that there's enough room for both of us. Just Friday, I shared this blog post featuring my friend Allyson from Printable Happies. She sells handlettered products, and could be considered my competition. But instead of viewing her as a threat, I view her as my friend! We're able to encourage one another in our business and grow together, instead of pinning one another against each other. 

One way, we both fail. The other, we both grow and succeed. So I'll take the one where I get to grow and flourish in my business, and help a friend (or many friends) along the way. I call that a #doublewin.  

Tuesday's Together Rising Tide Society Natalie Franke | Atlanta, GeorgiaTuesday's Together Rising Tide Society Natalie Franke | Atlanta, Georgia

Above photo by by Lauren Carnes

So Natalie shared from heart for about 5 minutes. Y'all, I was so pleasantly surprised that this women truly has a heart of gold! You know, you just never know when you meet Instagram people in real life... But she is so humble, kind, genuine and truly passionate about building up the creative community.

I was able to capture some of her talk in my video. The sound quality is a little echo-y due to the large room and my not having super fancy video equipment... But we all gotta start somewhere, ya know? ;) Either way, I'm enjoying experimenting with a new platform (video/youtube) and I loved getting to capture snipbits of the beautiful women who attended this event!

Above photo by by Lauren Carnes

Tuesday's Together Rising Tide Society Natalie Franke | Atlanta, Georgia

If you want to know more about Rising Tide and what they do, here's a little excerpt from their About Us in their bio:

"We believe an empowered creative economy will change the world. By elevating the voices of creatives around the world, sharing their stories, and building a thriving online and offline community, we support the creative in their pursuit of a sustainable livelihood.

Every day we are on a mission to empower the creative economy to rise together, doing what they love.

Rising Tide is a living library of educational resources by creatives for creatives. With blog content from thought-leaders throughout the creative industry, free educational webinars, monthly guides, and online summits—our members are equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed in business.

We fuel over four hundred monthly meet-ups across the world that discuss a relevant business topic. We believe that magic happens when creatives gather, support one another, and are empowered to pursue their passions."

Taken from their "About Us" page on their website (link)

If you want to watch the full video (with Natalie's talk) check it out below:

I also wanted to give a shout out to some of my favorite creative women! Also, I wanted to share this fun little story of how I made my first creative friends through Tuesday's Together. The below (L) photo were my first three creative entrepreneurs that I met, and the (R) explains the story of my first Rising Tide, Tuesday's Together meeting in Atlanta! 


A few of my favorite Atlanta-area creatives:

Lindsey Smith of Lindsey LaRue Photography - Website | Instagram

Laura Barnes of Laura Barnes Photography - Website | Instagram

Anna Kay of Anna Kay Artworks - Website | Instagram

Elisabeth of Elisa Anna Calligraphy - Website | Instagram

Lindsey Warren of Stamped And Finch - Website | Instagram

Joanna Lanier of Sunkissed Scripts - Website | Instagram

Lauren Carnes of Lauren Carnes Photography - Website | Instagram

A few Atlanta-area gems worth following:

Shelby Rae of Shelby Rae Photography - Website | Instagram

McKenzie of Indie Fox Photography - Website | Instagram

Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes - Website | Instagram

Amanda Nolte of The Impressionist ATL - Website | Instagram

Cason & Kat Rainwater of When It Rains Paper Co - Website | Instagram

The two group photos are by the lovely by Lauren Carnes

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