Travel: Entertaining Yourself During Long Roadtrips


Entertaining Yourself During Long Roadtrips

 My friend Hannah actually inspired this blog post idea – a long time ago when she was about to do her first 5 hour solo drive and she wanted my “expert” tips on how I travel long distance and stay entertained. I never previously considered myself an expert, but having spent a solid year dating my husband long distance and alternating the 12 hour drive every other month to visit him, and then the countless (thousands and thousands and thousands) of miles we have traveled together since being together, I realized that this is something I am well versed in!

Top Six Things To Do While On Solo Roadtrips

  1. PODCASTS + Audiobooks
    1. Okay, it wasn’t until recently that I became the total podcast junkie that I am now, but I am HOOKED! I used to be a really big audiobook person, but I’m the kind of person that once I start reading a book and get hooked on the story, I kind of have to finish it because I become enthralled and obsessed… So podcasts are a good way for me to break that up, since most episodes are like 45 mins-1 hour max, so there’s a lot more grace and you can change it up! But either way, both of these are really entertaining
  2. MUSIC
    1. I can’t tell you how many times I have put on a Disney playlist, and since I’m the only one in the car, I BELT it like I am Idina Menzel (she is Elsa behind Frozen or the Green Witch from Wicked, if you don’t know) and even though my voice cracks when I hit the high notes and I’ve even gotten a scratchy/sore through the next day because I sang so much and so loud… It’s legit SO entertaining!
  3. Turn the AC on, even in the winter.
    1. I am that person who is chronically cold, but if you turn the heater on in the car, it starts to get warm, and comfortable… And before you know it, you’re sleepy.
      1. So I always
    2. Also, peppermint essential oil is really great for waking you up, creating focus + alertness! So I just dab a bit from my roller (which is diluted) and that wakes me up like an espresso shot!
  4. So you know your cell phone? It makes phone calls!
    1. When my husband and I started dating (long distance) and I had to make 12-hour drives by myself, I would get SO bored! I would do all of these tips, but still found it hard to stay engaged in driving and not get sleepy. So I started calling people! I have a list of people that I call whenever I’m on the road, and
  5. Don’t fear being quiet, letting your thoughts wander or praying.
    1. There are a lot of times I’ve had really great God conversations while driving! If I need to entertain myself a little more, I will pray out loud, but sometimes I’ll just do it in my head.
      1. I also used to speak French, and this might be slightly embarrassing, but sometimes I’ll have conversations with myself in French to help bring it back. It’s silly, but it’s definitely entertaining and engaging!
        1. So it’s okay to talk out loud to yourself and figure things out.
      2. But that being said, it’s also okay to be quiet. My husband loves silence when he is diving along, as a way for his mind to take a break from everything and just kind of refresh.
      3. Then it’s also a great time to let your mind wander! There is nothing like endless road to get your brain going, and I’ve had some of my best ideas while driving and just letting my head have the freedom to think without an agenda of everything I “have to do” that day. All I have to do is drive and also be safe while doing so.
      4. Healthy Snacks are also a great way to stay alert.
      1. I used to be a chronic sunflower seeds eater while driving. I don’t know what it is, but having something “to do” while driving definitely makes the drive easier (especially during long, boring stretches with nothing to look at or do but cruise down a straight road).

Hope you’ve been able to learn a few things!

One more tip:

  • Please don’t be on your phone.
    • Prepare your podcast list, audiobook downloads and music playlist the day before so you’re on your phone minimally when turning something on.
    • Tell your friends + family the day before that you’re going to be driving, so you won’t be able to text them back, respond to emails, check Instagram, etc. while on the road.

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