The 5 Indoor Plants (even for a black thumb)


So, it's no secret that I love plants.

In fact, we have... well, let's just say A LOT of plants in our home (I need to count, but I'm a little worried I'll be embarrassed by the number - ha). 

Anyways, I get asked a lot about what my favorite indoor plants are - especially for those that have black thumbs! So today I'm sharing my top 5 favorite indoor plants, what I love about them and any tips or tricks I might have.

I'm also sharing them in my list of easiest > hardest (though still easy, as far as plants are concerned) and it's also kind of in the order of most affordable > a little more costly (ish). 

Again, I tried to keep everything at the beginner level, but wanted to let you know the kind of flow of things as far as plants. I'm excited to share with you my faves and hopefully it will help you narrow down your search for new plant babies!

Y'all ready for this? Let's get to it!

Pothos - Costa Farms


Literally, pothos are my faaaaaaavorite indoor plants. Like ever.

Why? Well, because they are:

  1. Beautiful
  2. Affordable
  3. Super hard to kill
  4. Great in low light
  5. Best, beginner plant!

So they basically make for the perfect beginning plant for anyone who wants to get into owning plants!

I have probably 5-6 different pothos varieties in our home. They literally are incredible because they will survive an overwatering, but they also really thrive if you forget to water them (even for like, a month... not that I know from experience or anything).

They do great in low light, which works well for us because our house weirdly doesn't have a lot of great natural light... So it makes the placement of live plants kinda unique (aka they're almost all either in our bathroom or living room). I have several pothos cascading around my fridge in my low-light kitchen and they do great!

Legit, you can buy a small pothos for as cheap as $7 at Home Depot/Lowes, or larger varieties (that have stems already flowing) for $12-$15. I also love that these make great hanging plants or are great for cascading off of shelves or the like.

If you want a great starter plant or plant to add to your collection, 10/10 recommend getting a pothos variety!

#2. Snake Plant

This would probably be my second favorite plant ever - for many of the same reasons I mentioned above! Here's a few great qualities:

Snake plants are:

  1. 1. Great at purifying the air 
  2. 2. Super hard to kill (don't need much water)
  3. 3. Great in low light or indirect light areas
  4. 4. Rare for insect problems
  5. 5. Decently affordable

This plant isn't the cheapest plant ever (usually $12-$15 for a smaller plant, $30 for a very large one) but it's relatively inexpensive (especially compared to a Fiddle Leaf Fig or something). I think it's worth investing in because they're super hard to kill and look great in homes! They're versatile in where you place them, and give you grace if you forget to water them.

Overall, this plant is super easy to care for and I think is a great additional to any plant collection!

#3. Monstera plant/Split Leaf Philodendron

This is one of my newer obsessions when it comes to plants! I bought my first one in the fall, and this guy has completely flourished and there are sooo many new leaves, we had to change locations because it was getting so big!

What I love about this plant:

  1. Tolerant of low light or thrives in bright light!
  2. Drought tolerant so great for those who forget to water.
  3. One of my favorite aesthetic appealing plants 
  4. Great bathroom plant (they love humidity)

If there was a negative, it's that this plant isn't great for pets or children - so if you have little ones that tend to eat leaves, then I would just make sure this plant is out of reach or maybe not invest in it for your home. 

#4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily's are an affordable plant (usually about $15-$20 for a rather good sized plant) and I think are relatively easy to care for!

What's great about them:

  1. Drought tolerant - they'll let you know if they are thirsty by drooping!
  2. Does well in low light situations
  3. Overall low maintenance plant 
  4. Great bathroom plant (loves humidity)

If you do have dogs or small children that like to play and eat plants, then I would put this somewhere higher up, as it can be poisonous if ingested. 

However, Jace has never been interested in this plant and I think it's so beautiful! They get super bushy and big relatively easily, and the deep green of the leaves is absolutely stunning. Plus the flowers that pop up are quite lovely (IMO) - if you're not seeing any new flowers pop up, that just means the plant isn't getting enough sunlight. 

I think probably one of the best things about this plant is that it's pretty good at telling you when something is wrong. No flowers? Needs more sunshine. Droopy? Needs more water. It's pretty straight forward, and otherwise not super fussy, which I love. 

#5. Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree plants are another plant that I love! They are super beautiful and do well for beginners. They do like to be near bright, indirect light... So they're a little pickier in that way. You can also over water these guys, so its better to lean towards less watering, though in the growing season they like to be kept moist!

You'll also need to dust off the leaves from time to time (this is true of any large leaf plants). It's crazy how much dust will collect on them! 

Also, another thing to note: there's two different colors of rubber tree plants. There' a greener one and then there's a purpler one. The purple colored leaves are easier to find (in my opinion) than the green ones - but either way, it's a personal preference for which one you prefer. 


Well guys, I think that's it! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful, and maybe learned something new (or two) about some of my favorite plants.

Do you have any of these plants? Do you have any other favorites you would add to this list? Comment below - I'd love to hear from you!

Also, all photos in this post are curtsey of Costa Farms

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