Submissions Are Open: Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Y'all, I'm so excited to bring back the annual holiday gift guide!

Last year, this was a huge success, and I'm so happy to bring it back. It was so incredible to see how many people applied, and to read through and share so many shops. I'm highly looking forward to doing it again this year!

If you're curious to see last year's guide, click here.

As a small shop myself, I think one of the beautiful things about being a maker is getting to support and shout out other talented makers! This holiday season, my husband and I are committing to buying our Christmas gifts for family and friends from other small shops! Target is great, but there's something about finding that perfect gift for a loved one, and know you're choosing to help fund someone else's dream in the process! It's a triple win for everyone.

Anyways, this year I'm opening up applications even earlier - so I can promote the guide for even longer! I really want to encourage all my friends, followers and fans to shop small this holiday season, and share some of the best goods out there for purchase!

So if you're a small shop, a maker, or know someone who is, I would love for you to apply! It's free to apply, and will only take about 5 minutes of your time. I'd also love it if you shared this link with other maker friends so they can apply to!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment them below. However, I've done my best to anticipate some questions that will be coming in, so I've written up a little FAQ below to give you more information!

Ready to apply? Just go ahead and click this link to apply here!

Rosalynne Love Holiday Gift Guide 2018

For those wondering, here's a little FAQ for questions I anticipate getting:

Q: What is the holiday gift guide?

A: This is just like it sounds - it's a gift guide promoting other small shops and makers! I love this beautiful maker community, and I want to help promote them and encourage you to shop small this year! I created this curated guide last year to help you find gifts for loved ones during the holiday season!

Q: How do I apply?

A: Easy, just click this link and fill out the form! You'll need to submit the form 10/12/2018 in order to be considered. Selections will be made shortly after, and I'm hoping to have the guide go live on 10/22 (so there's plenty of time to promote before holiday shopping truly begins). 

Q: Do I need to have a huge following or a large shop to apply?

A: No, any and all makers are welcome! Whether this is your first holiday season, or your tenth holiday season, I recommend any and all makers to apply for this gift guide! The size of your shop/following/how long you've been doing business does not matter, nor is it considered in the choosing, but it's the quality of the items that I'll be looking at when selecting shops to feature. 

Q: What do I need to apply?

A: You will need to have made a product (resold items do not count, but it can be something that you design is on - for example, I don't physically print my mugs, but I do design the print that's on them). Items will be selected by their quality, and high-resolution photos that display the item are a must (iphone photos taken in natural light work great). 

Please note, that if selected, there is a $15 fee to be in the guide. See below for more information on this decision!

Q: Why is there a fee this year?

A: Last year, there was no fee, and I was AMAZED at how long it took me to put the guide together! I love promoting others, but I also want to promote that as small business owners, our time is valuable. I made the fee small and affordable ($15 for those who are selected), so that it's not a "break the bank" kind of situation. So thanks for your support!

Q: If I apply, will I automatically get into the guide?

A: No, you will not. I will try and promote as many small shops as I can, but without overwhelmed an audience, there will be a cut off to how many items I share. Last year I promoted over 50+ shops with over 75+ items, and I felt it was the right amount to give a good variety, without customers feeling like they were scrolling through a list forever!

Q: Can I submit more than one item?

A: Yes, yes you may! You're welcome to submit as many items/times as you would like, but please note that every item will be juried separately. So you might have one item get into one category, but another item may not. Or maybe both will get in! It really just depends on how many people apply and in what categories. 

Q: Do I have to have a promotion?

A: No! This is completely optional and just for shops who want to share a promo as part of an incentive for people to check out their shop/purchase that item. It is 100% optional! 

Q: Can I promote the guide?

A: Yes! I'm hoping to put together some digital goodies to help you promote the guide this year - stay tuned for exact details!

Q: When will I know if I got in?

A: I'm closing submissions on October 12th, and am hoping to follow up with selectee's after the weekend. You'll be notified via email - and if accepted, you'll be sent your congratulations and a link to purchase your submission fee of $15!

Q: When does the guide go live?

A: The guide will go live on October 22nd - a full month before Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! My hopes is to have this guide long enough, and early enough in advance to catch shoppers before they've finished their holiday shopping.

Q: Where will the guide live?

A: The guide will live as a hot link on my website, and I'll promote it across my social channels and my newsletter. 


If you have any other questions, just comment them below and I'll be happy to answer! 

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