Small Business Week: Spring/Summer New Product Launch


Happy May, everyone!

Y'all, I'm so excited to launch some new products for y'all!!! I've been dreaming up some goodies that can bless and encourage you throughout your day, and I cannot wait to share these goodies with you. If you want to check out all the newest items we have in the shop - just click this link here.

Otherwise, without further adieu, let's get to it :) 

Rosalynne Love | Organic Grocery List, Spring Tote

Okay, this isn't a brand new launch - but y'all, I'm obsessed with how adorable these photos are, that I just had to share! This spring tote has been a really popular one in the shop, and it recently launched, so I figured I can add it to the list.

Okay, now for the newbies!

Even So, It Is Well With My Soul | Even So Mug | It Is Well Mug | Hymn | Shop Small | Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It Is Well With My Soul - Mug

This mug is one that I had in the shop waaaaaay back in the beginning. I cleaned up the lettering a bit, and brought it back! Over the last few months I've been receiving a ton of emails and messages asking for me to bring this phrase back. So many of you shared how this phrase was the perfect encouragement for yourself or a friend during a difficult season. One of my favorite things about my shop is hearing how the products and phrases resonate with you. Whether it's something fun that just brings you joy and starts conversations (like the "I Drink Coffee Like A Gilmore Girl" tumbler) or getting to celebrate your new Mama Bear and Papa Bear friends. Whatever it is, I cannot express how much it brings me joy to know I can bless you with something beautiful and encouraging.

So this beautiful mug is available here!

Even So It Is Well With My Soul

It Is Well With My Soul - Tee

Like I mentioned above, this phrase is one that is making a come back due to popular demand! This phrase is adapted from the well-known hymn that has encourage many throughout a difficult season. I love how much this phrase resonates and lifts up others in trying times. Even if life is going swell, this is a fun phrase to proudly wear that through the hills and valleys, you can be rest assured that it is well with my soul!

You can purchase this lovely tee (available in Small through X-Large) here!

Wifey - Tee

I'm not gonna lie, this is probably my new favorite tee! Even though I'm far from a newly wed (getting ready to celebrate 6 years this month with my sweet husband) I love having a tee that can proclaim that I'm a wifey! Being a wife is hands down one of the highest honors I've had in life so far, and I absolutely love whenever I get to share about the wonderful gift that is marriage. This beautiful tee isa way that you can do all those things!

OR, if you know someone that recently got engaged or marriage, this is the perfect gift for you to celebrate your lovely girlfriend in this new chapter of her life!

You can purchase this "Wifey" tee here!

Wifey Campfire Mug

Wifey - Mug

This mug launched a few weeks ago, but if you, your friend or newly married person you still need to get a gift for is more of a mug-person than a t-shirt person, than this is the perfect mug for y'al!

Also, I'm not kidding, but this is my absolute favorite mug style. I absolutely love the latte shape of the mug (it fits perfectly in my hand) and it's the beautiful campfire style that is a best seller and the most popular looking mug in the shop!

You can purchase this "Wifey" mug here!

Drink More H2O

Drink More H2O - Water Tumbler

Last but not least... THIS TUMBLER!!! Y'all, I am absolutely obsessed! I need to do a video review to show you how incredible this water tumbler is! Not only is it beautiful, well made, and leak proof - it comes with a top that holds a straw AND a different top that has a more coffee tumbler-style lid. So you wanna sip on something cool by the pool? Perfect: use the straw/lid combo. Wanting to drink your iced coffee on the go? Just switch to the tumbler lid.

The design comes from the desire to encourage you to drink more water! I know this is a struggle for many people, and what better way to encourage you to drink more water than with an adorable tumbler?


What item is your favorite? I'd love to know!

As with all of my products, every purchase in the shop support our 6 beautiful sponsor children! I am so thankful for the opportunity to have a business that I can steward well, and have the opportunity to bless others in the process.

Thank you so much for checking out my new items! Again, if you want to see all the new goodies that we've been launching in the shop, just click on this link.

Thanks for your purchase and support!

Blessings, xo

Rosalynne Love

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