Second Trimester Update


Hello, hello friends!

Goodness, its hard to believe that the second trimester has already past and I'm officially in the third trimester! #lasttrimestertogo

I'm so grateful - they say the second trimester is a glorious time during pregnancy, and I will say I definitely agree with that statement! 

So I wrote this "second trimester so far" post a few weeks ago, and I'm grateful that the good feelings have only continued. I've been very blessed and thankfully haven't had any poor feelings - I gained my energy back, have been able to maintain my workouts, and other than a few fun updates below (like feeling baby kick), I really haven't felt very stereotypically pregnant. Well, other than the obviously growing belly, but I don't mind that ;)

Anyways, here's basically an overview/updates of the last few months of this trimester:

  • Went from no visible belly to now an obvious, cute baby bump
  • Felt baby kick for the first time
  • Now feeling baby quick frequently throughout the day
  • No more nausea, feeling 100% back to normal
  • Was able to continue in my bi-weekly workouts
  • Took my first prenatal class(es)
  • Went to the chiropractor for the first time
  • Found a new midwife I love!
  • Took a birthing class
  • Had to give up wearing non-maternity pants
  • Caved and bought a pregnancy pillow (this one, if you're curious)
  • Researched for hours and hours and asked all the moms I knew so I could build out the ultimate baby registry (and even wrote a blog post on it)
  • Got a negative on my GBS test (such a praise)
  • Found out baby is already head down (another praise)
  • Met with our Doula (love her)
  • Planned out baby showers (there's gonna be 4!)
  • Received our first baby gifts (so fun opening gifts for our son)
  • Started setting up the nursery
  • Found out baby is a boy!

Needless to say, this second trimester has gone really well and I am just so grateful! A lot of things to praise and be thankful for, and we're try to do so multiple times a day.

I also love getting to pray over our son with Daniel - such a special time thanking God for this gift of a boy and pray over his future. So excited to meet him!

A few other updates:

As of last week, I've backed off from my weighted workouts because they were starting to make me more achey than I felt comfortable with... So now I'm just doing prenatal yoga, prenatal home workout videos (aka low key) and then our 1-2 mile walks in the evenings.

I'm getting really excited about our baby showers, and to start getting things together so I can build out the nursery and get set up for our little man. It's weird, because I'm not typically a planner (nor do I ever do things in advance), but I'm really looking forward to having the nursery set up and ready to go!

Now that I'm in the last few months, I'm trying to do things that I love (per the wisdom and advice from other moms) - like a lot of reading. I also asked what top things we should do before our babe arrives, and here were some of the best suggestions that people sent through:

  • Get a haircut
  • Go to the movies
  • Get a prenatal massage (or massages)
  • Get a pedicure
  • Deep clean the house (or hire this out)
  • Plan + Cook freezer meals
  • Have a meal train set up
  • Create a book reading list to read/listen while nursing
  • Don't forget to add baby to insurance plan
  • Talk to a lactation consultant
  • Talk to Daniel about expectations post baby (intimacy, cleaning, dishes, cooking, errands, etc.)
  • Have our pup groomed (we added in this one, but it makes such a difference)

I appreciated those who shared the suggestions! We're definitely planning to basically do all of the above, because I believe they will be helpful little tidbits before babe arrives. It's nice to feel like there's really not that much to "do" beforehand - really we're just so excited to meet our little man!

Any other suggestions you've heard of or experienced? I'd love to know!


To close this blog post out, I figured I would answer some of the most common questions I've been receiving lately:

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I'm really feeling great! I'm feeling so grateful that I literally haven't had *any* complications so far in this pregnancy and have been able to maintain a relatively similar lifestyle pre-pregnancy. 

Q: Do you have a name for baby?

A: Not yet! We're praying through what his name will be, but I really don't think we'll know until we meet him (and even if we do figure it out, we aren't sharing until after we meet him just in case he's not the name we had originally picked out).

Q: Are you having any cravings?

A: Nope! Still not having any weird cravings - which I actually was kinda looking forward to :p Mostly just loving fresh fruit, veggies and salads lately, but that's not uncommon for me this time of the year (or really year round) because I love those things and everything is so fresh right now!

Q: Any aversions?

A: Nope! Similar to the cravings, there hasn't been anything that I don't like that I didn't like before. Probably the only thing is that I can't finish a whole cup of coffee... literally can only drink about 6-ish ounces a day (a typical cup is 11-15 ounces). So about half a cup of coffee - looking forward to being able to drink a full cup after babe because I miss it! :) 

I believe that's it! If you have any other questions, happy to answer them.

Overall, I'm just so grateful to experience such a wonderful pregnancy, and am truly looking forward to meeting our precious little man in just a (hopefully short) last three months. 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! 

Blessings, xo

Photos by Alisa Nicholle Co - also, this last photo of Jace just gives me all the *heart eyes*

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