Rosalynne Love Products - Big Announcement & Upcoming Changes

Hello darling!

Thank you for tuning in - I write this blog post to keep y'all well informed on what's going on in the shop. My hope is always to be transparent, and take y'all along for the journey (and not just share the highlight reel). 

So for the last few months (okay, TBH the last year and a half, but especially the last few months) I've been praying and asking God what's next. It's been a season of much waiting, praying, dreaming, humbling myself, etc.

And while I still don't have all the answers, I do feel like I have a little clarity in my vision - and with that being said, I feel strongly that God has placed it on my heart to take my business in a more simplified direction.

Before anyone starts to freak out, my company isn't stopping or anything like that! However, as I continue to re-evaluate this lovely product shop and all that God has entrusted me with, I've realized there are a few big changes I need to make in order to steward well this beautiful shop.

One of the biggest changes that will be effective immediately, is that I will no longer be continuing apparel in my shop.

Even though apparel is how my shop started (read more about that here), God has been reminding me that even though I'm emotionally attached to something, that isn't a good reason to keep it; that sometimes letting go opens the door to the possibility of something new. 

So I wanted to write this post and share it during Black Friday Week/my biggest sales of the year - so that if there's a certain apparel item from the shop you've been wanting, you can get it now while it's still in stock, and at a discount!

Additional to the apparel - I will also be simplifying my products in the shop. I'll slowly let things sell out, and my goal is to simplify to the point that I'll solely focus on selling mugs! They're my best seller (y'all LOVE them), the thing that gets talked about and shared the most, and to be perfectly honest, they're the thing I get excited most about creating! Hence why I'm choosing to focus on this group of products alone and be able to create the BEST possible products for you.

That's not all, y'all. There's more!

Now for some extra good news!

Part of my simplifying the product shop, is I'm planning to create space (both physically and mentally) for some new and really exciting things in 2019! I'm going to continue to be vague, as I'm still praying through exactly what things will come to fruition and when, but y'all, I AM SO EXCITED!

What I can tell you is this: I've been listening and taking note of your messages, emails, and many questions. I get so many messages on sourcing products, starting a shop, how to run a faith-centered business, how to create boundaries when running a business, going for it and pursuing your calling and lots of questions about lettering! Plus so much more.

My hope is this: to build some materials around helping you steward your calling well, and how to chase fiercely after your God-given dreams.

There are some really exciting things I have planned! Things like materials to help you, encourage you, lift you up as you pursue your calling and chase your dreams.

I truly am close to bursting - I can't wait to share more details about the things I have up my sleeve. I have a feeling that you're truly going to love it!

So even though it's hard to let go of somethings I do love, I am also thankful that God helped me realize that closing one door, saying no to a couple things I currently have, means that I get to open a new door and say yes to some really great opportunities coming up.

If you have any questions, concerns, or general wonderings, please feel free to comment below or send me an email. I'd be happy to answer the best I can!

I recently restocked apparel, so if there's something you've been wanting and waiting to purchase, I would get them ASAP while you can - because once they're sold out, they're gone!

And if you're not on my newsletter getting Black Friday deals... You definitely need to be! Click here to sign up (I send out weekly emails with deals, never use your info against you or sell it to anyone, and you can unsubscribe anytime if it's not your vibe). 

Thank you guys so much for reading and hearing my heart! I'm really excited to see how God continues to work in me and grow this business. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to take a step deeper into helping YOU find your God calling and chase after that heart dream you've always had.

So until next time - xo!


Rosalynne Love

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P.S. Cover photo is by the lovely Lindsey LaRue Photography - link to her website here!



Allyson said:

SO EXCITED for you girl!! All your things are 😍 but I will say your mugs are my favorite! ❤️ So excited for what’s to come for you, friend!!

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