Devotional Books For Your Quiet Time


I recently posted on Instagram asking for a few recommendations for devotions to do during my quiet time! I've been craving for something a little deeper, wanting to deepen my knowledge of the Bible. And y'all gave some amazing suggestions!

I had a lot of people ask me to share the suggestions - so here you go! I haven't done any of these before - so they're all new to me, but all sounds amazing. At the end of this post I share which one I ended up choosing to start with.

So without further adieu - let's get to it!

Suggestions for your quiet time (deep dive) devotions:

** recommended more than once

There are so many good options! I'm excited to (eventually) work my way through this list. Though that might take awhile... Have y'all ever done any of these studies before? Or are there any on here that you've been wanting to start?

For me personally - the Precept Ministries is the one I'm starting with! This is the one I've heard the most about (honestly before I even posted this question, I had a friend highly recommend this study) and then I had even more people recommend it, so I took it as a sign. I love that it was literally scripturally based (it's a method that you literally learn to study you Bible in a new, deep way, and build connections). This was just the thing that I needed! I've been craving finding depth in my quiet time, and this book seemed like just the thing!

I've been trying to read one chapter every day of the month from Proverbs. This is something I've done on-and-off all year - so I figured (without knowing really where else to start) that this study would be a great place to start! So I bought this Proverbs Study and I'm excited for it to come in! 

** Please note: some of these links are affiliate links. If you purchase with these links, there is no additional cost for you, but they'll give me a small portion of their profit for your purchase. This helps fund time spent on these posts - so thanks in advance for using a link!

Devotion Books For Your Quiet Time

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