New Mug Release: "He's Her Lobster"


"You're My Lobster"

If you aren't familiar with this phrase, this comes from a scene in FRIENDS where Phoebe tells Ross not to worry, but Rachel is his lobster. You can see more in the scene below:

Anyways, so my husband and I love the TV show Friends. In fact, we aren't really big TV watchers and don't really have the same taste in TV shows, with the exception of Friends. When we were dating I got Daniel hooked on the show... Then we started a tradition of watching the whole series every year of our marriage. We stopped after our fifth anniversary to take a little break... But it's still the show that we'll turn on if we want to watch something short and sweet (20 minute episodes, for the win).

So this mug is inspired by the sweet connection Daniel and I have to the show! Plus, again if you've ever seen the show, Ross and Rachel are the iconic couple. So this mug is for anyone you want to tell that... You're my lobster! *hearteyes*

I get asked a lot about how I come up with idea's - and I don't know if it's encouraging or discouraging to tell you that a lot of times things just pop into my head! This is one of the many reasons I like to carry a notebook around with me everywhere I go, or I'll use my phone in a pinch, because when an idea comes to you... It's best to go ahead and either write or sketch it down.

With this mug I knew I wanted to feature a "real" lobster, and I know that I couldn't draw it... So I hired out my talented friend David to do the illustration for me (more about him below). I did play with how I wanted the type to be laid out quite a bit - that's the part that usually takes me the longest to figure out! I shared the video that my ProCreate recorded when I worked on this design:

The second hardest part, was finding a mug that did full color printing! Options are a little more limited on mugs, and with the beautiful coloring that David did on the lobster, I didn't want the mug to take away from that. So a classic white mug seemed the best choice to go with! If you want to snag one of these beauties before they run out, just click this link here!

So like I mentioned above, my friend David did the watercolor drawing of the lobsters for this mug! You can check out his portfolio work here on his website, or check out his Instagram. He's a super talented and I'm thankful to know him! He also recently moved to the Atlanta area - so if you're in the area, you should reach out and grab coffee with him.

Well, that's just about it, folks! There's a *super* limited quantity of these mugs available, so I would snag one sooner than later. Just click any of the photos, or click the link below to snag one of these mugs for yourself, your lobster, or your Friends obsessed bestie!

"You're My Lobster" Mug

Hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes look on this mug!

Blessings, xo

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