10 Must-Listen, Creative Business Podcasts


I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE podcasts!

There's just something so wonderful about getting to listen to industry leaders sharing their nuggets of wisdom (and for free!). It's almost like getting to meet them over coffee or a lunch date, or hearing them at a conference (without the conference ticket price) but at the convenience of your own time. Additionally, I love that I can pause, take notes, and re-listen to any gems that popped up.

I get asked a lot about what my favorite podcasts are - so I thought I would share a a list of a few of my favorite podcasts that I listen to regularly. Hope you're able to discover something new, that you love, and be inspired and encouraged in your entrepreneurial journey! 


Creative Empire Podcast

1. Creative Empire Podcast

A friend introduced me to this podcast, and I love the authenticity and the realness behind it. Reina and Christina interview industry leaders in a way that leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired. The podcast is like having a coffee date with some of your best friends, where you share life stories, business woes, and tips you've learned. It's the best mix of all the things, and you literally stop listening with a full heart and ready to take on the world! 

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

2. Smart Passive Income

I honestly just started listening to Pat Flynn, but oh my goodness is this (young!) man has a WEALTH of knowledge! I feel like he is the Ghandi of the business world. In all honesty, I haven't listened to a ton of episodes from the Smart Passive Income podcast, but the few I have listened to are pure gold. His podcast is the kind that you can't really listen to while driving, because you are taking so many notes and scribbling frantically. So beware of that! But I *highly* recommend... 'Cause this dude knows his stuff. 

Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

3. The Goal Digger Podcast

In all honesty, I was a little surprised how much I liked Jenna Kutcher's podcast. I appreciate her real conversation and how her podcast doesn't feel like a huge sales pitch. Sometimes it does come across that way, but most of the time I feel like I'm just relating to this homegirl as she figures out the journey of being an entrepreneur. 


Ask Pat by Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income

4. Ask Pat

If you only have a few minutes, but want golden nuggets, then this is the podcast for you! Pat Flynn is probably one of my favorite people ever to listen to, because this guy really knows his stuff! What I love the "Ask Pat" podcast, is that people like you and me can submit a question, and he will answer it! The titles make it great to peruse through and find topics, or questions, that you want answers to. In all honesty - I feel like a lot of the stuff that he shares is totally stuff that you should pay for... I mean he isn't afraid to lay it all out, and be honest! He isn't like those business gurus that basically answer a question with a question, or beat around the bush with something vague. He will tell you exactly what he uses, the honest truth about success or failures, etc. So highly, highly recommend!

Christy Wright Business Boutique

5. Business Boutique

This was actually one of the first conferences I went to (and I highly recommend) and I love the Christy Wright came out with a podcast! She talks about a lot of the same things we learned during the BB experience, but it's so nice to hear things again, in a new way and during a different chapter of my life, and reiterate the beautiful and simple principles that she break business down as. 

 Amy Porterfield Podcast - Online Marketing Made Easy

6. Amy Porterfield Podcast

I haven't listened to much of her stuff yet, but she is a woman with a wealth of knowlege and is worth checking out! She is kind of a webinar/course queen, so if that's your thing, she is definitely the woman you want to listen to. If I remember correctly, she is pretty killer with the marketing thing as well, so definitely check her out! 

The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast

7. Yhe Dave Ramsey Show

As you may or may not know, Dave Ramsey is the $$ man and he has a podcast all about it! I personally haven't listened to it yet, but my husband was a junkie for this podcast for quite awhile and he really enjoyed it! 

Sean Wes Podcast

8. Sean Wes

I almost didn't add him to the list, because in order to get the podcast archive, you have to be a community member to his site ($$$). However, he was the first podcast business junkie I ever listened to, and like Pat Flynn, he really knows his stuff! If you can afford the membership, I think it's worth it and his older podcast episodes are absolute GOLD! His newer stuff is good and useful, but he has become a little too cocky for my taste, and is repeating a lot of the same information from the earlier episodes... Nevertheless, he really does know his stuff and shares a lot of really great information! 

9. Radiant Life

This podcast is by Kelsey Chapman. I recently discovered it and haven't listened to it a ton, but I just love the heartfelt conversations that happen on this show. She often chats with other makers who's names you would recognize, talking about heartfelt topics. Definitely a *feel good* podcast, if you're looking for one!

Marie Forleo Podcast

10. Marie Forleo Tv + Marie Forleo Podcast

I've listened to Marie Forleo TV and this is a great place for short, quick-tips that answer your business Q's. I haven't listened to her podcast yet, but I have signed up for B-School and this lady really knows her stuff! I will say that she can sometimes have the mouth of a sailor - so if you have kids, I would recommend that you listen with headphones or when they are already in bed. Just a little something to caution!


Plus, here's a bonus 2 that are on my list to listen to: 

12. TED Radio Hour

I haven't listened to this one yet, either (as you can see, I have quite a few on my list) but TEDTalks are something that I (honestly) haven't really listened to... But plan to knock out some of the top ones in 2018. I mean, who doesn't love powerful speakers sharing their truth and wisdom? Here's their blurb?

“A journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, and new ways to think and create. Based on riveting TEDTalks from the world’s most remarkable minds.”

12. Legal Road Map by Autumn Witt Boyd

I heard Autumn be interviewed in another podcast, and I was amazed at how much information she shared and gave away for free! I instantly went to her podcast and subscribed, and have listened to a few of her episodes... If you're like me and kind of lost on the whole legality of the business world, she breaks it down in a way and shares resources that definitely made me feel a little less blank-faced. Here's more info:

"Learn about the legal issues you may face as you grow a profitable and sustainable business, why they’re important, and how others in your shoes have handled them, so you’ll know what’s on the horizon as you reach for your big goals."

// Hope you've found a few new names to check out - and I'd love to know, what are YOUR favorite business/creative entrepreneur podcasts? Leave a comment and let me know so I can check them out and add them to my list! 

Blessings, xo

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