Mug Of The Week: Plant Lady!


This mug is for all the plant lovers out there - especially the ladies! This cutie was created out of my growing love and desire to continue cultivating plants... In my yard, home, if there's a spot for a plant, I probably have one there!

Something fun and unique about this mug, is that the design is actually printed on both sides! This is one of the only mugs that has the feature, and it's perfect for both the left-handed and right-handed (and either preference for if you like the design facing towards you or away from you).

In this case, it's a double win!

Plant Lady | Mug | Rosalynne Love | Shop Small | Plant Mug

For additional specs about this mug, see below:

+ 14 oz. matte black coffee mug with dark gray interior
+ "Plant Lady" print is on both sides
+ Hand-lettered by Rosalynne
+ Print on mug is screenprinted (not vinyl)
+ Handwashing recommended (but top-rach dishwasher safe)
+ Every purchase helps our sponsor children

And if you wanna hear me chat all about this mug, watch below!


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