Mug Of The Week: *New* Wifey & Hubby Campfire Mugs


Drumroll please... 🥁 🥁 🥁

So excited to launch these brand new mugs in the shop! 

Check them out, here: Hubby Mug | Wifey Mug | Set Of Both

So excited to share these brand new mugs with y'all today!

I created this set out of the desire to celebrate one of my favorite things... Marriage! My husband and I love to drink coffee together in the mornings, and I realized that I didn't have any mugs sets that we could drink out together that matched our current season in life. Thus, I had the great idea to create a "wifey" and "hubby" mug dup!

These new mugs are the the popular speckled, campfire look that you know and love, but in an adorable latte style mug. Want to know more details? Check out the below:

+ 15 oz. coffee mug
+ Hand-lettered by Rosalynne
+ Print on Mug is screenprinted
+ Handwashing recommended 
+ Every purchase helps our sponsor children (read more about them, here)

Hubby Mug | Rosalynne Love | Campfire Mug | Shop Small

This brand new “wifey” and “hubby” set is not only a new design, but it’s also a brand new mug style! This mug is featuring the campfire, speckled look that’s gorgeous and super popular. Not only that, this the mug shape is a latte style mug that fits oh so perfect in your hand! I’m pretty sure I’ll be drinking it if this everyday for at least the next few months. If not for the rest of forever.

This mug is available individually, or you can save when you purchase the set! 

Check them out, here: Hubby Mug | Wifey Mug | Wifey & Hubby Mug Set

Either way, this is the perfect mug for all my married friends out there or it makes an excellent “congrats on your engagement” or wedding gift for your future Mr. and Mrs. friends to be! ❤️

Here's a video with the mugs and all the details you could ever want to know:

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