Mug Of The Week: "I Drink Coffee Like A Gilmore Girl" Tumbler


This mug is one of my most popular designs - in fact, this is the design that really helped me launch my product shop business! It has been featured on Teen Vogue, and it has been pinned tens of thousands of times on Pinterest. I'm just so thankful and blessed!

In today's video, I tell you a little bit behind the story of how I came up with this original phrase... And it might not be as strategic as you would think ;)

So want to know more about the product itself? Here you go:

About/InspoFor all you Gilmore Girls fans - this one is for you! If you've ever seen the show, you know that a subtle theme throughout all the seasons is how much coffee is consumed by both Lorelai Gilmore's.

Specs: This "I Drink Coffee Like A Gilmore Girl" tumbler is made from durable stainless steel on the outer walls, which makes this travel mug a heavy-duty, high quality tumbler for on the go! It will hold 16 ounces of your favorite drink, warm or cold. It's made with dual-wall construction, to keep your warm drinks warm for longer. The lid is a twist-on gasket lid with rotating closure helps to ensure they don’t get spilled on or burned. It measures roughly 9" tall and 3" wide. This is literally the best togo mug I've ever used! It fits perfectly in your hand and is very sleek and smooth so you still look styling while on the go!

Care Instructions: In order to keep this mug looking fabulous for as long as possible, please handwash only. The bottom of the mug has a felt liner that cannot remain soaked in water for a long period of time. You can wash it, just don't let it take a long, relaxing bath ;) 

* Every Purchase: Every purchase you make in the shop supports our six sponsor children! You can learn more about them by visiting this page, here

Want to purchase the product? Click the photo above or click here!

Also, we have this phrase on a t-shirt (here) and long sleeve (here). All of our apparel is super soft and we know it will become your new favorite and go-to shirt to wear everyday!

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