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Y'all I am SO Excited to announce that Daniel and I are officially puppy parents!

This does a pretty good job summing up how we feel about it:

Jace | Meet Our New Dog!

God is SO good y'all!

Daniel and I have been talking about getting a dog, but not very seriously. It was more like a hypothetical, "Someday we'll get a dog - we have a fenced in backyard... That would be good for a dog. We could be good dog parents."

I've always grown up with dogs, and Daniel had one growing up. But again, it wasn't anything we were rushing to do. Our life is pretty crazy (especially in this season - it's my busiest time of the year). We've not really had a pet together since we've been married - so this was a big step for us!

But y'all, God is just so faithful. He's all-knowing and powerful. He knows our hearts and answered our prayers about a dog before we even really had the chance to earnestly pray about it.

So I've been getting asked, how did you find him? Well even THIS is a God story!

We have dear friends, Joanna and Hunter, who are avid dog lovers. They have two of the sweetest pups - both of whom we adore! Well, kind of long story short, Hunter is a fantastic Craig's Lister hunter (no pun intended). He literally can find anything for an amazing deal! It's impressive. WELL, he just so happened to find this cutie on Craig's List (I had NO idea there were animals on Craig's list). His previous owner was going through a difficult divorce, and could no longer keep him. You can tell that he was well loved and I know the owner was sad to part with him!

So Hunter found him and knew this dog was too good to be true. He's a Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky mix (also known as a "Goberian"), and literally probably THE sweetest dog on the planet! We've had him 12 hours and have yet to hear him whine, bark or bite. Even when we're passing other dogs on walks, he just ignores them - even when the other dog is going spaz crazy! He is also a HUGE cuddle bug!! He literally will nestle himself into you - it's not enough to be just touching, he wants to cuddle like a bug in a rug!

He is probably the happiest and chillest dog I've ever met! He's so laid back, affectionate and loving. Also, somehow he DOESN'T shed! We cuddled him on the couch last night (with him literally in my lap) and I walked away with ONE hair on me. I don't know how the heck that happens with this fluff ball, but I'm not complaining one bit! He is also probably the softest pup everrrrr. He literally feels like a magical, cuddly pillow!

Anyways - back to the story.

Hunter and Joanna found him and immediately loved him, but with a house full of animals already, they knew it would be a bit much to bring home a third pup in this season of their life. So then Joanna had the great idea to text me and see if we'd be interested! I had told her that we were thinking of getting a pup - and I was actually worried how the heck we would "choose" a pup when there are so many out there that need to be rescued!

She sent us the above photo (of just him) and Daniel and I both immediately fell in love. We both agreed (together) in an INSTANT that it just made sense to bring him home!

Again y'all - Daniel said it perfectly last night: "I didn't realize how much we needed him until he came home with us. We really needed a dog in this season." We love our new home, but it definitely has been empty... Having a sweet pup to help fill and bring more life to it has already been such a gift!

I'm so glad we said yes! And SO thankful for Joanna and Hunter for finding this cutie and letting us have him!

What's also amazing? He didn't cost us a thing! Even though his breed is a show dog (and I have to think his owner probably paid good money for him), I think she just wanted him to be adopted by a loving family. OKAYDONE. 

I never really pictured us as "show dog" people (which we're still not), but I'm so thankful for this handsome fellow. I'm thankful I didn't have to choose, that God just literally brought him to us. And we're already SOOO in love!

So his adopted name is "Jace" which means "healing" in Hebrew. I'm a little undecided if I want to keep that name, or name him something else (I keep calling him "Chase" for some reason - I don't know why I can't remember "Jace"). If you have any good name suggestions, I'm all ears! I'm toying with naming him "Asher" because it means "happy, or blessing" in Hebrew, and that definitely describes this dog accurately! Again, he is literally the happiest pup. 

Anyways, we're just so excited! I'll definitely be obsessively posting doggie photos and videos on my Instagram for probably the rest of forever - so definitely follow along if you want to see more of this cutie!

God is just so good. And we're just so excited and honored to be puppy parents. Hunter kept telling Jace, "Here's your mom and dad" and I just about lost it.

He already does some of the cutest things, like finding your hand and sticking his nose under it so you'll pet him! He also loves to be close, and if we're standing doing something, he sits right at your feet. He does two circles before he uses the restroom, and I'm sure has about 100 other quirks that we're excited to figure out!

Well, thanks for reading! Again, we're so excited and I'll definitely be posting tons of pics over on Instagram! 

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    I wonder if that’s a Golden trait!! My Chevy always circles twice before going to the bathroom, and he always puts his snout under our hands to pet him! So happy you found a pup that further completes your family. :)

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