January Recap + February Goals


This year, I wanted to do something a little different.. At the end of every month, I want to highlight a few things that happened over the last month. I'm also doing another thing that's a little out of the norm - instead of having New Years Resolutions, I decided this year I would instead have monthly goals that I wanted to work on. So this post (and future ones like it) will have a similar rhythm. Hope you enjoy!

So let's get right into it! 

+ January Goals

Right off the bat, I had a few goals for January that I wanted to make a priority. I decided that the first two weeks of the year I would spend 100% social/phone free. I deleted all my apps that I have a slight addiction to (read: instagram) and just took time to reset after a busy Q. I was surprised at how my phone battery could last 2-3 full days (with use because I still had to use my phone for CFA work a lot) without all the scrolling and additional screen time that comes with being on social media. 

However, my biggest goal for January was to create a new and healthy habit: digging into God's word more. I wanted to make my quiet time a priority and spend more time in God's word. I decided that one way I would be intentional about doing this is getting up an hour before I needed to get ready for work (read: 5:30 A.M.! and this is coming from a non-morning person) to make sure I got this in.

I'll have to write a post about this sometime soon.. But it's been so life giving. Hands down would recommend this to anyone who doesn't already have this as part of their daily routine. 

+ Rang in the new year in Louisiana, celebrating a bestie getting married and two of our other couple besties (with a new baby). 

We were super blessed to spend some solid quality time in Louisiana over the holiday's. We were able to share a week in Southern Louisiana visiting all of Daniel's family members! Then we spend a long weekend in northern Louisiana, where I had the honor of standing by one of my besties side while she said "I do" to the man of her dreams! Then we snuck away to a little lake house with another dear couple friend and enjoyed a quiet New Years Eve playing board games (our favorite). We drove a lot in a short amount of times, but as people who love being on the road (as long as we're together) we didn't mind one bit. 

+ Created this January freebie (most popular one so far). 

Honestly? I created this one as a personal reminder for myself. This year I started something new and spent the first two weeks of the new year 100% social media/phone free. It was amazing how long my battery lasted! Haha. Also, how much extra time I had in my day to get other things done. I was a little embarrassed to realize how many times I felt the need to scroll while I walked somewhere, waited in line for something, or *ahem* used the restroom (I know you do it, too). So it was really rejuvenating getting to start the year and establish better habits and detox from my phone (aka instagram) addiction! 

Anyways, when I came back on instagram I posted this freebie - and THIS post is still one of my most liked, saved and downloaded posts to date! 

+ Updated mug photos and descriptions. 

Daniel and I went on a little weekend retreat, and one of the takeaways that we both had is that I was in desperate need of some new product photos! So on a sunny Saturday the following weekend, I was able to snatch some new mug shoots (lol, see what I did there) to update the shop!

I'm totally biased, but I'm a little obsessed. I realized that wood texture, greenery and anything gold/bronze/rose gold foil is pretty much my absolute FAVE. 


+ Magnolia reposted one of my photos. #imstillfreakingout

Something cool that happened while I was on my instagram sabbatical, is that Magnolia reposted one of my photos! I absolutely LOVE the Magnolia journal and find a ton of inspiration in there. It was a wonderful surprise to find that they reshared a photo - thank you Laura Barnes for bringing this to my attention!


+ Found my new favorite restaurant in Atlanta - Upbeet.

This was randomly discovered one day after church, when we wanted to try a new restaurant in Atlanta. I had a list from a co-worker that had a ton of suggestions, and this one had a fun name (and amazing branding) so I thought it would be cool to check it out. Y'ALL. THIS IS THE EPITOME OF ROSALYNNE FOOD HEAVEN!!! I am a practicing vegetarian that loves flavor, and I think it's hard to find restaurants that offer those two things, that also serve "normal" food. So to visit a place that quinoa was a normal thing on the menu, along with chaga mushroom coffee and charcoal lemonade? I legit was freaking out. We had to wait in line for 45 minutes... But it was so. worth. it. 

Even my husband said he's pretty obsessed with the place - and this kid grew up eating (and loving) McDonalds. So I feel like that in itself says something. 


+ Went on a weekend retreat with my sweet hubby in Atlanta. 

Y'all, this was amazing! I honestly didn't want it to end. If you didn't know, Daniel has taken on a bigger role in my company, and it has been such a gift being able to hear his insights and thoughts with different things to do with Rosalynne Love. We went on a little weekend getaway to get out of the house, gain some inspiration and fresh perspective, and really hash out some goals we wanted to work on. We originally were going to explore a new city, but then realized that there's still so much we haven't seen in our own city! 

+ Explored Savannah, GA for the first time since I was a kid! 

I did a little blog recap over here about our trip to Savannah. Y'all, it was absolutely amazing!!! I am so thankful for this sweet Mastermind group I am in, and all that these women have taught me and encouraged me to do. ALSO, the weather was absolutely perfect this weekend, so it made walking around Savannah all the more delectable! 

+ Saw our second snowfall this winter season.

I don't know what's up with the south this winter, as it's normally a rather warm place (think: "cold" as being 50 degrees and "oh my goodness, it's literally freezing outside being a legit freezing of 32 degree"). Anyways, we received an incredible amount of snow a second time this winter - and so Daniel and I were able to experience a true "snow day" together! Since this is a very rare occurrence, I asked if he would be okay with going outside to snap some photos to remember this moment... And he agree! I shared a ton of the photos and wrote more about this journey, here. 

+ Put together a HUGE January warehouse sale (and cleaned up the studio)

Last weekend, Daniel and I cleaned out my Studio and put together all the things that we're hoping to sell through to help clean up the shop! I realized that I have kind of an insane amount of inventory in stock... So I decided that I would put everything on crazy super sale (with items over 50% off retail price) and some items are even on sale for cost! I hope you're able to find something you love at a discount, and I encourage you to do a little early gift shopping! Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter and birthday's are just around the corner - and it never hurts to have a little basket full of cute gifts for emergency instances when you need to grab something! If you want to check out the warehouse sale, follow the link here. 


Overall, it's been a really relaxing and quiet month. I'm thankful that I've been able to slow down and take time to goal set and start planning out how I'd like 2018 to look like. I'm still in the throws of trying to figure a lot of it out - but I'm thankful for the time spent so far hashing out details and dreaming big!

For February, I've established a few goals I'd like to focus on:

+ Blogging every day of the work week (aka 5x a week for the whole month)

I really want to get into the rhythm of blogging, and I literally have probably a month's worth of content in my cue full of half-written posts that I just never published. So I'm going to share them! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to focus on over here on the blog... But in the mean time, I figured I would just write and share a variety of topics until I landed on something I love. 

+ Lettering Challenge - working up to lettering every day. 

I absolutely love lettering (which I'm sure is no shock to you) but I've sadly let my "busy" schedule keep me from practicing frequently. In fact, I've been shocked at how much time (*coughweeksandmonthscough*) that go by where I don't even pick up a pen, other than to write a quick note! So this is something I want to re-establish into my routine, because the only one to get better at anything is to continually spend time practicing or learning from that art.

That being said, I created a fun little mini-lettering challenge leading up to Valentines Day! I'll be sharing prompts on IG Stories every morning - if you want to learn more, just check out my current IG story or visit this post to read more! 

+ Continuing to prioritize my quiet time. 

January I started the practice of getting up an hour before I needed to start getting ready for work (... which means 5:30 AM alarm) to start my day with the Lord. If I'm being honest, I didn't do this everyday - but I did do it most days. And when I did it, I absolutely LOVED it! I've found I actually look forward to spending the first hour of my day with the Lord, slowly drinking my coffee and just seeing what He has laid before me for that day. It's really been helpful in our current season of waiting, and I feel like my understanding of scripture has grown so much deeper. So I definitely want to keep this up and continue this practice!


I'd love to know - what are some goals that you're working on this month? Or goals that you worked on last month that you're hoping to continue? Leave a comment and let me know! I'd love to help keep each other accountable. 

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