January Freebie // Behind-the-Scenes


Every month, I thoroughly enjoy making these freebies for you! I think the hardest part is choosing an image that I think is beautiful to represent that month, and then choosing a quote that seems fitting. In the process video (below) you can see a couple different quotes I played around with - ultimately landing on "Do more things that make you forget to check your phone."

I landed on this quote because these first two weeks of January, I've been going social media free (so basically phone free). I wanted to start 2018 establishing new, healthy habits, scrolling less, and being able to do a little planning for the year and products/content that I'll be coming out with in 2018. Y'all, I'm so excited! There are some really amazing things in store and I can't wait to share more. 

Hope y'all love this months freebies! You can download the desktop background here, and the phone background here. If you do download and use the freebie, I would love to see the artwork in action! Please tag me on instagram @rosalynnelove or hashtag #rosalynnelove so I don't miss it. 

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