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Okay, I cannot help but sing every time I see this mug. It also makes me want to binge watch all the seasons all over again for the umpieumpth time (literally, I have seen every episode SO. MANY. TIMES. I can basically quote the whole show). This design also evokes the desire to go hang out in a coffee shop on the couch with all of my friends and share about the woes of our lives. 

But however this makes you feel, this mug is seriously my new fave. Which I am pretty sure I say about every single new design I come out with, but nevertheless that doesn't make it any less true. 

#FUNFACT, when my husband I started dating, I made him watch some of the episodes from this tv show, and then when we got married we decided to watch all the episodes from all ten season in order during our first year of marriage... And it was SO much fun watching it together and going through all the emotions (plus watching my husband freak out about all the Ross + Rachel moments throughout the show). So since then, we have made it a yearly tradition, to slowly watch through all ten season during the year, and since we are celebrating our FIFTH year of marriage this year, that means we are going on five years strong! WAHOO!

Anyways, hope y'all love this mug as much as I do! Maybe I have more of a personal attachment since this mug and it's meaning has been a (small but) significant part of my marriage journey with my babe! 
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