Ideas For Celebrating Adult Birthdays At Home


Hello friends!

So I've recently been in two different text threads with friends, trying to brainstorm ideas on how to make celebrating adult birthdays at home during these strange times.

I figured, likely, if we're talking about this, then it's probably something that would be helpful for other people too! So once again, I thought I would put together a list that can hopefully spark some fun and creativity on things to do to help make your loved one feel special.

So here's the list of things:

Set up your tent and go “camping” inside (or outside in the backyard. 

  • My husband and I just did this (we went "camping" on our backyard deck) and it was an absolute blast! I've also have friends do this in their living room and then watch movies from inside the tent... Either option (or both) are a ton of fun!

Set up a fort with Christmas lights and have a movie marathon day. 

  • If you don't have a tent that you can set up at home, you likely have some extra sheets and blankets that you can use to create a fort! Forts are definitely not just for kids - and despite the crazy it might look on the outside, just imagine the cozy it will look on the inside. 

Treat yourself to take out from your favorite restaurant.

  • This is a great way to support a small business during these weird times, not have to cook, and eat one of your favorite meals! 

 Have a full glam spa day.

  • Have a loved one/housemate give you a massage, paint your toes, do a face mask, do a homemade facial steam, etc. 

Do relaxing activities

  • Whatever makes you feel calm and rejuvenated - things like reading a book, coloring adult coloring pages, or going for a walk. 

Plan your next big adventure.

  • Even though times are unknown and you won't be able to book anything, you can totally take the time to plan out your trip and do a TON of research on everywhere you want to go and everything you want to do!

Make an online family photo album!

  • This is one of those things I always say I'm going to do... Then don't. But the few albums we have, whenever we bring them out, my husband and I will spend hours talking about all the memories from that trip or season. It's a wonderful time of remembering and celebrating past moments!

Go on a backyard picnic.

  • This is a simple gesture, but it will be a nice treat to do something a little different and spend time outside!

Set up a zoom call with all of your favorite people!

  • You could do this as a surprise (if you're wanting to set it up for a housemate) or you could schedule this on your own! You could even just plan to chat with all your favorite people at different times throughout the day - now's the perfect time to catch up.  

Have a virtual game night with friends.

  • It's a little non-traditional, but you would just play your counter-parts pieces whenever they play. This might be a little harder with a card game, but could be doable if you guys have the same board game and can set it up and play together (and for each other). 

Dress up and take family photos together!

  • These are strange times, but might as well capture this moment. Most states don't allow photographers to go out and do front-porch portraits, but if your state does, you could hire and help a small business owner (and still social distance) and have some updated family photos!

Learn to Bake Your Own Birthday Cake

  • Or bake one for a loved one! No time like the present to binge the Great British Bake Off show (on Netflix) and get your cake masterpiece (or simple box cake in a sheet pan) on!

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