Home Tour: Before Video

Hello friends!

I realized that I've not been the best at posting home dates, especially in the moment... But I'm working on getting caught up and I am so excited to share with y'all! We have absolutely *loved* being home owners, and it's been such a fun journey figuring out our style and making this home our own. 

BUT, before we get to all that, I realized that I haven't shared a home tour of the house before we moved in. So that's what this video and today's post is all about! 

This was taken the day after we got the keys to our house. We were getting ready to head out of town for a show, but we wanted to move a few basic things over... Mostly because we were so excited and still pinching ourselves about this house! In the video, the house was mostly empty, minus what a carload of stuff could haul over (plants, paint swatches, tools, etc.).

Hope you enjoy! Sorry for the lighting that was kind of all over the place... But hopefully it can give you a good idea of the layout of our home and a big before on this home!

Can't wait to share more of the progress we've made in the upcoming week. 


August 01, 2018 by Rosalynne Fluty

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