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So if you follow along on our social media, or recently read this post, you know that we've just bought a house! This is the first house we've ever purchased, and thus the first home that I've truly had 100% rights to decorate and style however I'd like! Other than creating and setting a budget, sky's truly the limit to creating whatever I'd like to create. 

Anyways, I just learned that on Pinterest, you can separate your boards into different sections. This has been INCREDIBLE in organizing all the different rooms and looks that we want to go with for each room.

When I started pinning and creating this board, I really wasn't sure what my "style" was or how I was going to pull everything together. I was worried that my tastes were a little too eclectic... But once I created the different boards for each room (and I've really only just started) I realized that there was a theme and I could sort of see how things tied together.

Not sure what to call it, but I'd say my style is a mix between Joanna Gaines Farmhouse white, to a European/Mid-Century Modern, with mixed metals and jeweled toned colors. So European Farmhouse (that sounds pretty awful, haha..).

Whatever it is that you'd call my style, I thought it would be fun to share some of my decoration inspiration for this beautiful home of ours!

P.S. Cover photo is from my Pinterest, but the source is Hobby Lobby!

So here's a brief kind of overview:

Pinterest | Home Decoration Inspiration

It's so funny - because before we moved in, I loved the Farmhouse style and figured I'd paint every single wall gray or white.

But then when we moved in, even though I'm not a big color person, I found that I was highly attracted to jewel-toned walls that were deep and rich in color. I probably shouldn't have found this surprising, since I love fall and all the fall colors!

So the first thing we've done (just last night, actually) is paint our living room wall BLACK! This is something I've honestly always wanted to do, ever since I saw a Beautiful Mess do it, like, 5+ years ago? I loved the bold color, and was surprised by how classic it looked! Here's the kind of look we're going for:



We have a fireplace that's stone, but covered with a white mantle and surrounding. We have natural wood floors, and I just really love this Mid-Century Modern look!

So something unique about our home, is how the living room, dining room and kitchen are all tied together. So I'm still trying to figure out how to balance the stark contrast of this black wall, with a kitchen that I'm kinda wanting to be a little more farmhouse style. Examples below:


I love how the black accents on the cabinets would balance the black wall! Though I haven't decided if I want to commit to painting the cabinets. They're currently wood-colored, which I like more than I thought I would. But I know once I commit, there's no going back to the wood look (our cabinets aren't real wood, they're partical board, so I'm pretty sure we can't strip and re-sand then stain again). 



It probably won't be for awhile, but I'm hoping sometime this summer Daniel can build us a big farmhouse-style table! Whenever we do it, I'll definitely be posting this DIY... But in the meantime, I'll just be daydreaming! We love entertaining and are hoping to a host a lot of holiday/themed parties this fall. Fall is my favorite season, and I love how it's a time that seems to bring people together.

We're really hoping/aiming to have our home 90% setup by the end of summer (trying to be realistic that it will probably be at 90% for forever, cause I know there will always be something we want to work on) but are looking forward to having people over. Living in France really gave me an appreciation for long conversations around the dining table, so I'm excited to have one big enough to host our friends and family!

Next up, our Master Bedroom! This is something I'm still having a hard time figuring out, but I'm thinking I want another bold-statement wall. 


I'm thinking a deep-sea jeweled blue or emerald green (still trying to figure that out). Then it seems to be a theme that the adjoining room is a soft gray. See what I mean with this Mid-Century Modern meets Modern Farmhouse look?


Though again, I haven't decided if I want to commit to painting the cabinets. They are currently white (non-painted) so I'm going back and forth between gray cabinets with white walls, or white cabinets with gray walls. So many decisions!

As far as my studio, this will be the most "boring" in the sense that all the walls are going to be white. My Studio is essentially in the basement (our house is a split level, so it's on the lower level) and it has the least amount of light. So I'm hoping adding another window, and throwing in some white walls everywhere will help brighten it up!


This will be the place I fill orders, shoot videos and tutorials (so excited to finally have a space for this) and create all my new products and shoot content! I'll even be screenprinting in here, so it will literally be the catch-all. 

It currently has carpet, but we will be installing wood floors in it. Probably 2/4 walls will be lined with desk spaces, again to fill orders and work. This area will possibly/eventually be a work space for Daniel, too, as our family grows in the future. It's a really large space, so I'm thankful for the versatility! 


Last but not least - here's inspiration for Daniel's office (and the future kid's room). There is already this white paneling in the room, and we both love the idea of not having to rip it down (just yet, anyways) if we don't have it. We both really like this olive-green color, and so we thought we'd pretty much just go for it!

Well, I think that's it for now! There's obviously a zillion more photos on my Pinterest, and several more rooms that we're still trying to figure out (laundry room, backyard, guest bedroom, other bathrooms, stairs, etc.) but these few are the major rooms that we're probably going to dive into, first.

I'd love to know, how have you decorated your home? What would you call your style?

Be sure to follow along on my Pinterest for more inspiration, and Instagram for updates as we go along! I'll also try and do my best to keep blogging so that you can see progress as we make it :) We're still just so excited and thankful to have a home to call our own!

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