Guest Bathroom Reveal


Y'all, I'm blessed with the best husband ever. 

For many, many reasons - but a big one being that he's a total boss when it comes to home projects. He'll literally watch a few YouTube videos on whatever we're wanting to redo, perhaps he'll consult a few people we know that are pro with reno's... Then he goes for it!

This guest bathroom, was no different!

Even though, this bathroom brought quite a few firsts... First time laying tile (harder than it looks, especially if you start with small pieces) and removing and reinstalling a toilet (definitely more terrifying than I thought it would be), basically remudding half a wall...

He killed it all!

When we moved into the house, I knew I wanted to remodel the bathroom. However, there wasn't anything wrong with it, and it wasn't something we used often (hence the "guest bathroom" part) so it wasn't a top priority.

However, I knew the remodel would be a pretty big undertaking... So it was on my list of projects to try and knock out before our precious little man arrives. And I'm so excited to say that it has happened!

The Before

The bathroom was a deep red color, and had a palette wall that the previous owner had self installed. The wood wall was pretty cool and we loved the aesthetic, but unfortunately when he did this DIY he never sealed the wood, so it was a mold hazard (per our inspector when we bought the house)... so it had to come down. Bummer!

I also strongly dislike linoleum floor, especially when it looks so cheap - and I thought that since the square footage of this little place was small, it would be fun to do some fun tile in here (which we did). 

Everything else we pretty much left the same! We did remove the second curtain, because that blocked out the little window with the only natural light.

Overall, it was a cute idea for a bathroom, but not really the best idea for the space. It's a small bathroom, and the dark walls, wood and curtains that covered the window made this space feel even smaller and cave-like.

So I was excited to make some changes... and really feel like the after is super dramatic!

Anyways, here's a few before photos from when we looked at the house:

In Progres

Daniel and I (even though let's be clear: Daniel was the one who 100% worked on this bathroom) learned a lot through this process! 

Probably the biggest thing we learned is that if you've never tiled a floor before, small hexagon tile is definitely not the easiest tile to begin with! Daniel did an excellent job working it it, but the biggest struggle was getting everything lined up... because of the small footprint in the bathroom, there were a lot of special cuts that needed to be made to already tiny pieces - just making it an overall more difficult project for a novice. 

But again, he did great!

Another few things we learned:

  • When you install tile that wasn't previously tiled, you need a kit to raise the toilet, since it won't fit the same as it did before, because the floor is now higher up. This is the kit Daniel bought, per the recommendation of a kind customer in Home Depot. He only used a 1/4” closet flange extender, but said the kit was helpful. 
  • Also, if you're planning to change the sink vanity - do this before you tile. This sounds obvious, but I think we were so gung-ho to start tiling that we did that first! After the fact we decided that we wanted to change the vanity... Only to learn that the vanity was a custom-fit vanity (and we didn't realize that beforehand). So we either had to pay to get a second, custom vanity, or rip up the tile to get a regular size vanity to fit. Niether option sounded fun, so we decided to leave the vanity as is. Will likely try a DIY granite method (link to what I'm talking about) and probably restain the lower cabinet later on, after babe.

Overall, I'm super proud of how well Daniel did in handling all the little things that popped up as we worked on this project! It was really exciting to slowly but surely have all the pieces come together and see how much of a difference this bathroom remodel was really going to make.

We also painted the bathroom (as you'll see in the after) but other than paint, tile and updating the mirror - that's about the only changes we made. What's crazy to me is the big difference between the before and after!

The After

 The after.... Well, y'all it still blows my mind! 

It truly doesn't even feel like the same bathroom, not in the least bit... I still can hardly believe that it's truly done! And just in the knick of time, since we had family come and visit us last weekend. So they truly put it to the test, and they were super impressed with the progress and transformation this bathroom made.

Here's the final photos of our beautiful new guest bathroom reveal:

And then one of my personal favorites... I asked Daniel to put some of our little man's toys away in the bathroom, and he decided to set them up all adorable like this. 

Officially makes me smile every time I walk by the bathroom! 

So what do y'all think?

Overall, I LOVE The new bathroom and I'm so excited to have something that feels so much lighter (and bigger). 

We'll be in this bathroom quite a bit in the near future (it'll be where we bathe our babe because it has a shallow tub and it's close to his room).

Again, so grateful for my amazing husband and the incredible work that he did on this bathroom! So excited to have this major project knocked out. 


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