Greensboro, NCGreensboro, NCGreensboro, NCGreensboro, NCGreensboro, NCGreensboro, NC

So this past weekend I went on a bit of a spontaneous trip to Greensboro, North Carolina. I had one of my dearest friends Brittani (pictured about) drive all the way to Atlanta, then we continued the drive up to North Carolina. She also brought her darling friend Sarah, and we made a delightful trio.

So the purpose of the trip was to attend a worship night put on by Cageless Birds. I had previously never heard of them, but I am SO glad I decided to go! Cageless birds is a ministry retreat, and their mission "is to be an authentic community of artists and musicians who create out of wholeness and inspire the world into their freedom and true identity.  We see a world free and alive in the fullness of their identity, creating in confidence as the children of God." You should definitely read more about them and what they are doing in their bio, but basically they are connected creatives and letting creativity be a form of worship! And knowing how to cultivate that together a community. 

PLUS, THE MUSIC THAT COMES OUT OF THERE... wow! Maybe you know the names Melissa and Jonathan Helser, but I didn't before this trip. What I didn't realize though, is even though I didn't know the names, I sure knew their songs! They wrote "No Longer Slaves" which is popular song in churches and various big worship bands (this Bethel Music.

Anyways - the worship night was centered around one of their student, Molly Kate Skaggs and the release of her new album, Overtaken! If you want to listen to her song Overtaken for free - check it out here!

So I took a ton of instagram videos that night (I'll upload them at the end of this) if you wanted to watch a little bit - but the whole night was literally filled with some of the most beautiful and magical music I have ever heard! I HIGHLY recommend you download her album off of itunes, you won't regret it! 

Hops Burgers

So after the worship night (which I could rant about forever), all of us were STARVING And went to one of the only open places, and I am so glad we did! We went to Hops Burgers, and they had a fantastic and super unique menu! I felt like I was back in college, cause I don't remember the last time I ate a sturdy meal at 11 o'clock at night.. But here I was, eating a French Onion burger so close to midnight! But it was absolutely delicious (highly recommend, especially with the sweet potato fries - my personal face!).

The next day we explored a little bit of downtown! Unfortunately we didn't to explore as much as we would have liked, because a terrible storm was coming through and we wanted to try to beat as much of it as we could! So here are a few of the suggestions I received from some lovely instagram friends of all the places you need to visit in Greensboro, North Carolina: 


FOOD (The ones with a * by it means I had several people recommend it!)

  • Chef + Mama Bird
  • Scrambled Southern
  • The Juice Shop
  • Hops Burgers (delicious)
  • Crafted Tacos *
  • Mythos Grill
  • Iron Hen *
  • Maxie B’s *
  • Cheesecake By Alex
  • Southern Lights


  • Green Bean
  • Tate Street


  • Scuppernong Books (cool atmosphere)
  • Designer Archives (fun vintage/maker shop)
  • Elsewhere Museum
  • Sisters Jewelry

Well, that's all I have for now! Here are a few more photos and some videos from our trip! Even though it was short, North Carolina definitely sparked my interest and it's somewhere that I am definitely wanting to explore more :) It's SUCH a beautiful place! Looking forward to more adventures in that area. 

Cageless BirdsCageless BirdsGreensboro, NCGreensboro, NC

Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, NC Scuppernog Books and Crafted TacosGreen Bear in Greensboro, NCGreensboro, NC


January 27, 2017 by Rosalynne Fluty
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