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Hello friends!

So I am SUPER excited to start this new feature on the blog called “Follow Friday.” Every Friday I’m going to share with you someone I absolutely adore (and recommend that you follow) and tell you a little more about them. I realized that there are a ton of amazing and talented people in this world, and maybe you don’t know every single person that I know… So I think it’s worth giving a shout out to a few of my faves.

This week I’m starting it off with a few “celebrities” - now it might not be Taylor Swift or anything, but here’s a list of 5 letters that I absolutely LOVE and admire (and totally have lettering crushes on) and if you like lettering, or think it’s cool at all, I definitely recommend that you check each of these lovely folks out!

Please note that all the photos are not my work, but that of the artist described :)

Stefan Kunz - LetteringStefan Kunz - LetteringStefan Kunz - Lettering


First up, I’m going to start with a gentleman named Stefan Kunz. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s a pretty popular letter on Instagram, he’s the gentleman that helped start the #30DaysOfBibleLettering, he is a total PRO at lettering magic on the ipad (and even came out with this course with Amanda Arneill on how to do what he does) and on top of all that, he is also a total pro at chalkboard lettering and large formatting. And he is a pro at making beautiful latte art. It kind of makes you say, “What CAN’T this guy do?” Speaking of, he is from Switzerland and taught himself how to speak English by watching American movies. What!?! It’s totally crazy, right? Last thing, he also wrote and published this lettering book… Like I told you, a total lettering guru!

I know, I know - you’re like, sister send me his links already! So here they are:

Website / Instagram /  Photography /  #30DaysOfBibleLettering / iPad course.

Jessica Hische - LetteringJessica Hische - LetteringJessica Hische - LetteringJessica Hische - Lettering 


Next up, I have to add this classic artist… Jessica Hische. She is like, a female lettering and design legend, and if you don’t know her - well you need to so keep reading. Ha! She teaches one of my favorite lettering classes on Skillshare (link) and if you want to try out skillshare, use this link to get 2 months for absolutely free! On her website she also has a really exhaustive and amazing list of resources, so if you’re ever wondering where to get something design/maker related, definitely check out this resource list she has on her page! I can’t tell you how many times I referenced it in design school to help me figure out various things.

She also started a passion project that you calls, "The Daily Drop Cap"

One of my favorite quotes of hers is this, “The work you do while you’re procrastinating is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” Powerful, right? It’s a total truth bomb. Yes, it's one of the images featured above. 

Also, her website is “” and then, wherever you are, it tells you. So her homepage is “” or her resource page, “” Clever lady, let me tell you!

Website / Instagram / Resources / Skillshare Class / Pinterest

Ian Bernard - LetteringIan Bernard - Lettering
Ian Bernard - Lettering


I found Ian right around the same time I found Stefan, and I think he is another total lettering guru… The work he does is absolutely phenomenal. Plus, he has a pretty great sense of humor and often posts his latte art fails (in his story) while admiring that Stefan seems to be a pro at it and he isn’t sure how.

Website / Instagram / Podcast

Lauren Hom - LetteringLauren Hom - LetteringLauren Hom - LetteringLauren Hom - Lettering


This lady is another powerhouse in the lettering world. She is a bit crass, sassy, and isn’t going to take any smack from anyone - but her lettering is absolutely flawless, and her ideas and originality is pretty fierce.

Anyways, she is pretty much the freelance queen (and the passion project queen). I recently read THIS interview and there she talked about how she wanted to start lettering on chalkboard to add to her repertoire of lettering experience, and so she launched “Will Letter For Lunch” - where she would do lettering for a food shoppe, in trade to eat food off the menu which she lettered. Talk about GENIUS. She is a total foodie, and one time I even won a giveaway she was doing - she asked what the “weirdest” sandwiches we loved, and I commented “peanut butter and jelly with cheetohs.” If you haven’t had it - you need to… It might change your life ;) Maybe not, but it’s like my nostalgia food and she totally dug it, so I won an this original print of hers.

Website / Instagram / Will Letter For Lunch / Daily DishonestyDD Book / Skillshare Class* / Book

Nick Misani - LetteringNick Misani - LetteringNick Misani - LetteringNick Misani - LetteringNick Misani - Lettering 


This guy’s work still completely blows my mind… Like, I just can’t even fathom how many zillions of hours it takes for him to create one of his mosaiac pieces. I only recently found out about him and his work, but I have been totally obsessed since! He is getting ready to come out with a course, so if this is something that you’ve always wanted to know how to do - well, here you go! Otherwise, this guy is worth a follow just because his digital artwork pieces literally just make your jaw drop! I mean, talk about #ihavethisthingwithfloors GOALS!

Website / Instagram / Fauxsaics / Course (coming end of July)

 Hope you enjoyed this little feature post! If there is someone that you want to see on here, just comment below! I would also love to know if there are any letterers that YOU love that aren't on the list, please comment them so I can check them out and turn this post into 10-15-20 letterers that you need to know about! ;) Thanks for reading, darlings! 

Blessings, xo


P.S. If you want to try skillshare for free, just click this link and you’ll get two months free! I’ve had a skillshare account for I don’t even know how many years - but I’ve canceled my subscriptions before and it’s super easy, no hassle.

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