February Recap + March Goals

February was definitely one of those months that I feel like I blinked, and it went by. I actually think Teresa from Debrosse NYC stated it pretty well with this recent instagram post of hers above... So accurate!

Anyways, February was good - it just went by so fast! I still can't believe it's already March. I celebrate my birthday in the beginning of the month (March 2) and the weather here is already acting like spring is in full bloom. Perhaps it is - I wouldn't be complaining if so! Now I'm getting ahead of myself (can you tell I'm ready for sunshine and spring? Definitely ready for winter to be over). First let's break down what February looked like:

February was a very busy month! I'm not sure why, but Daniel and I were both pretty swapped the entire month of February at work. On top of that, our personal commitments seemed to hold us just about every night of the week so that we found ourselves with very little free time. But, we love everything that we're involved in, so I really can't complain.

Here's a few things that happened over the month:


+ We visited a dear friend (and her sweet hubby) in Rome, GA! I hadn't even been to Rome, and y'all, it's SUCH a beautiful town! Plus it hosts Berry College, which has to be one of the prettiest college campuses I have ever seen. PLUS PLUS, it's where Winshape Camp (a Non-Profit offshoot of Chick-fil-A) is held, so it was really cool to see that.

Additionally, Lindsey and Nolan have probably the cutest apartment on the planet, so I was able to snag a ton of amazing product photos in her cute home! They are both the sweetest, and we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend with them.

Lindsey is a photographer, and snapped the above photo! This was just a quick iPhone shot, but I have to say that if we were just now getting married, I would probably hire her as my photographer! If you're looking for a heirloom wedding photographer, that is all about capturing the details, texture and romance of your day, I would highly recommend her! Check out her website + instagram.

+ Created the February Freebie! I love making monthly freebies and sending them out to my newsletter subscribers. Every month it's so fun creating a message that can encourage you and inspire you! It's a beautiful reminder to have something on your electronic devices that give you that little something extra everyday. 

+ Daniel and I babysat a sweet 6 month old for a week while her parents were at a conference, and we absolutely loved it! It's not every day that you get to "test" parenting before it actually happens, and this was such a fun experience! It definitely helps when you get to hang with a baby as cute as this. Plus, there's just something that made my ovaries flutter when I saw how sweet Daniel was with her! He's going to be an amazing dad whenever God calls us to start the family chapter of our lives.


+ February 22 was "Shine A Light On Slavery" day. I wrote up a little message on my instagram (you can read the post here). Our church (Passion City in Atlanta) started the End It Movement a couple years ago, and it's been amazing to watch the journey of bringing awareness to slavery! A couple years ago I didn't realized that human trafficking was as prevalent as it is, nor did I realize it's in my own backyard! The United States, and sadly major cities like Atlanta, are huge trafficking places. You can learn more about it, and how you can help, on the End It Movement website. 

+ I released this adorable Friends mug! I wrote up another little blog post and behind the scenes recap of how I created this mug (and who helped me create it). You can see the process (I shared my procreate video figuring out the lettering on this) and they why behind I designed this particular mug!

+ I got to attend my first Tuesday's Together since I started my job at Chick-fil-A Corporate, and it *JUST* so happened that it was at a letterpress studio! I have wanted to learn letterpress ever since I first got into design, and so I was legitimately freaking out (and maybe a little dry heaving) that I had the opportunity to do this!

The shop is called Impressionist ATL - if you need anything letterpressed, I would definitely check them out! The actual printing is done by Alee Press. Amanda is the one who owns the shop and does most of the printing (with another sweet gal that was an intern-turned-coworker). I'm actually hoping to do a 1:1 class with Amanda sometimes soon, so hopefully I'll get to share even more behind the scenes with you on this process! 

+ My husband and I started serving at out church! Passion is unique in that you can't "join" the church, so the closest thing to joining is becoming a Door Holder (what they call a volunteer). We've been wanting to do this for a long time, but this requires us to be able to attend service as close to a weekly-basis as possible. Last year, with traveling and shows, this wasn't a reality for us. One of our goals for 2018 has been to lean in on establishing our roots here in Atlanta, and trying to be home more, so we finally took the leap! We've been absolutely *loving* it. 


+ Daniel and I started Financial Peace University (a Dave Ramsey program on money and budgeting) and have already learned a TON from it! In March we'll be "wrapping up" the class, and I definitely will be writing a blog post of how much we've learned in these preliminary stages. The true test will come when we start implementing this stuff!

+ I visited my siblings in Illinois! I don't get to my brother + sister as much as I would love to (the struggle of living long distance) but that just means I truly soak up anytime that we get to be together! I wrote a little blog post recap about the trip, here. Also, definitely check out my sister's work! She is a photographer + marketing guru behind Brad Hart Co and Hart Haus. 


+ Celebrated Ash Wednesday at my dad's church (he's a pastor, btw) and I gave up something for lent... The first time in a few years since I've done this, and it's already been really good! I'm hoping to write more about this after Easter, to let you know how my progress has gone. So TBD about this one!

+ At the end of the month, I finally found time to design my spring line! Super excited to share new designs on both mugs and apparel, coming soon. My first show is only a few weeks away, and I can't wait to share the new designs I've been dreaming up over the last few months. It's always so exciting to see them come to life!

+ Last but not least: February was a month filled with lots of behind the scenes work! Daniel and I talked a lot about Rosalynne Love and what we want the future of my company to look like. I updated a lot of the copy on my website, the photos, and worked a lot on the layout + look/feel of the site. This is something that I always forget takes a lot longer than you think! But it's totally worth it. 

A little recap of my February goals:

+ Blogging every day of the work week (aka 5x a week for the whole month)

To be candid, this just didn't happen. So going to try again in March!

+ Lettering Challenge - working up to lettering every day.

This DID happen! I completed a two week lettering challenge the first few weeks of February, and I loved seeing others share in their posts along with me. Blog recap coming soon!

+ Continuing to prioritize my quiet time.

This is something that has made ALL The difference in 2018. I've surprised myself with how well I've been able to keep up with it, and I've really enjoyed learning more about the Bible, Christ, and OT characters.

Here are my goals for March:

+ Finalize Spring Line, order tees and start printing!

+ Work on blogging, writing and publishing regularly.

+ Continue working BTS on a few fun surprises (hope to share more, soon).

+ Continue prioritizing my quiet time, journaling and prayer time.

+ Read more books! I legit have about 10 books that I'm halfway through reading, and I want to finish them before I start anymore.

March 13, 2018 by Rosalynne Fluty

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