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Today I am super excited to share one of my personal favorite makers and friends, Lindsey Warren of Stamped and Finch! She was one of the first product shop owners I've met, and I absolutely love all of the jewelry that she makes. I'm excited for this interview and for you to learn more about this darling maker!

To start things of, tell us a little bit about your story.
I live in the lovely city of Athens, GA and have been here for about two and a half years. I started creating some stamped pieces on the side, mostly just as gifts to friends and family while I was teaching at a school for kids with special needs in Roswell, GA. My husband got a job at the University of GA and we decided to make the move to Athens. He encouraged me to give the whole "owning a small business thing" three months when we first moved to Athens. I was pretty sure that after three months I would be looking for another teaching job, but here I am two and a half years later and loving every second of this crazy creative, entrepreneurial journey!

Tell us more about the people you do live with.

I've been dating my husband since we were 16 years old and we are five years into marriage. He is the most genuine, encouraging, and intentional human! We also have a sweet pup named Cali who is a black lab-coon hound mix of pure joy and cuteness! 

How did Stamped and Finch start? What was the inspiration?

The very first stamped pieces I created were to help my sister raise money for a mission trip. For the next year-ish I played around with some other designs and just used the hobby as a way to give meaningful and intentional gifts to friends and family. They truly seemed to love them and I was so enjoying creating them. I opened an Etsy shop in December of 2015 and the Lord has been so incredibly faithful to guide, direct, and bless this Stamped and Finch journey.

Speaking of - what does Stamped & Finch mean?
Stamped- I think you've got that one under wraps. Finch- the finch bird symbolizes joy, simplicity, and variety- all characteristics I want to create in my products. Finches are also known for their "boogie" like flight patterns that don't just take them from point A to point B, but they dance along the journey.
 Stamped & Finch - Handstamped Jewelry by Lindsey Warren

What does a typical work day look like for you? 
I always start with a slow morning (one of my favorite things about being and entrepreneur)- coffee, reading and journaling, either a run or Pure Barre and then I get to work! My studio is in our basement and it is such a wonderful spot to feel like I am actually going to work. I typically start with emails, editing my website/shop, and then I start stamping. Every order is hand stamped letter by letter, assembled, and packaged by me.

What's your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?
I absolutely love the flexibility it offers and I adore creating meaningful pieces that really have value just beyond a "thing" to others. It is so fun creating customized pieces because every piece is a collaboration with my customers and becomes a part of their story.

What do you wish you knew before you started your first business? 
It is okay to not have a clue what you're doing! I have no business or art background (I'm a child Life Specialist) and it is okay to just figure it out as you go! Try things, make mistakes, figure out what works and what doesn't and keep on going! Also- find your niche. Be fully you and do not try to replicate someone else because it won't work. Authenticity is a huge part in branding and creating a business!
Where do you find inspiration?
I love listening to other people's stories, their journey of where they've been, their current situation and struggles and victories, and their hopes and dreams for the future. We are all in such unique places and I love taking a small peek into their walk. I also really love words- their meanings, origins, etc.

Stamped and Finch
How do you stay productive in your work?
I'm really self disciplined by nature and really thankful for that! Handwritten lists are my friend and there's something about using a pen and paper to write them and cross them off that keeps me focused and motivated.
What's one business tool that's been really helpful in your business?

I use Later, but I'm honestly not a huge fan. Most of my posts are in the moment and not that planned out. (Working on getting better at this!)

What's your favorite quote?

I love anything and everything by Morgan Harper Nichols!

Stamped & Finch - Handstamped Jewelry by Lindsey Warren
What are you currently reading and/or any podcast you've been loving?
I'm absolutely loving Bob Goff's "Everybody Always", love listening to the podcast - Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.

How do you drink your coffee?
Coffee blended with protein powder, coconut oil, and almond milk into the most delicious frothy goodness!

What's your favorite product from the shop?
I absolutely love my famers market tote bag! I use it every week to pick up my weekly veggie share and it hangs in my home as fun decor because its so beautiful!


Lindsey, so thankful for you, your beautiful shop and your even lovelier heart! I wanted to let everyone know that her and her husband are looking to adopt! You can read more about their adoption story on their blog and their hopes on their facebook page here -  they're such deserving people and I know God will come through with the perfect match for them in His timing.

If you want to follow Lindsey and/or support her shop, visit the links below:

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    This is so beautiful! Love hearing about other small businesses just doing their part in life! Beautiful products!

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