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Y'all, I'm so excited to have my darling friend Anna Kay featured today! She is one of the incredible women in my mastermind group, and she is an absolute gem of a human. We met a few years ago, probably through the Rising Tide group here in Atlanta. I don't exactly remember when we first connected, but I am so thankful that we did! We've grown closer over the years, and especially doing life together in a mastermind group.

She is truly the epitome of a classic southern woman - she is elegant, full of grace, and is the queen of scallops and adorable flats. We've connected over growing up homeschooled, and marrying handsome men that are over 6'3". I love hearing stories of her marriage, their adorable routines (like mandatory Friday night date nights, going to the Farmers Market every Saturday morning for breakfast, and stocking up on local goodies, or enjoying quality time together in the evenings).

I'm excited for you to read this article, and then hear a little more about how this lovely creative spends her day (it will seriously just convince you further that she is truly one of the most charming women). Happy reading!

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Anna Kay Artworks - Watercolor Artist


What's your name, business and location?

I'm Anna Kay of Anna Kay Artworks, and I'm based out of Atlanta, GA.

What do you do and how did you get started?

I’m a watercolor artist specializing in creating custom heirlooms, prints, and stationery for the modern Southern lady!

Anna Kay Artworks - Watercolor Artist

What’s one tip you would share with a fellow entrepreneur, or someone interested in your field?

Just jump! You don’t have to have the most expensive tools or the prettiest studio; you just need an idea and the 3 G’s to make it happen: gumption, grit, and grace!

How do you drink your coffee?

I prefer hot tea at home (Paris by Harney & Sons is my favorite!), but love trying specialty flavored coffees at shops! I recently tried a lavender and vanilla latte that I am still dreaming about.

Anna Kay Artworks

(Time to jump into my favorite part...)

Day In The Life: A Typical Friday with Anna Kay

7:00 A.M.

Alarm goes off! I have mine set to play a song I love so I can hum along with it - makes it just a little easier to leave my nice warm bed and snuggly pup, Rory. I hop into workout gear before my brain knows what I’m up to and then pull up one of my favorite online barre classes. The sun comes up while the class is going and it’s just the best feeling to watch it rise while stretching at the end of a great workout. Then I “treat” myself to a fruity protein smoothie and head back upstairs to get ready for my day!

8:00 A.M.

Now fully dressed & made up, I’ll make myself a cup of hot tea, feed Rory breakfast, and sit down to read my daily devotional. This, for me, means reading the entry, writing out the daily verse and a quote that struck me, and reflecting on what I read. It’s a quiet moment of introspection that I desperately need before the day gets into full swing! My handsome hubs, Hal, leaves for work around this time, so Rory and I give him kisses and see him off.

9:00 A.M.

Monday through Thursday, I’d have to leave at 9am to make it to my part-time job as a Marketing Coordinator. On Fridays, however, I get to devote the whole day to my art business! So I head up to my studio (a fancy term for our guest bedroom) with my planner and write out all my to-dos for the day. If it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t happen! I try to spend the morning focusing on some type of creation, whether that’s drawing, painting, writing blog posts, or setting up styled photos. I work better with noise, so I’m usually blasting some kind of epic instrumental playlist.

12 P.M.

Time for lunch and a quick walk through the courtyard with Rory, then I pull out her very favorite toy: Ball. She would play fetch with her ball till the cows come home, but I try to get in 30 mins to an hour at lunch (we play again after dinner). I’ll take a minute between throws to open windows (on pretty days), water my houseplants, and maybe start a load of laundry. One struggle about working from home is that it can be hard to separate work time from housework time!

Anna Kay Artworks - Watercolor Artist

1 P.M.

Back to work! The afternoons are normally for packaging up orders that were received or completed throughout the week. We live very near to a Post Office so I’ll skip on down to the USPS to get things labelled and shipped! When I’m back home, I’ll either finish touching up some dried paintings or I’ll pack up my laptop and walk to our Starbucks for some caffeine and a change of scenery. Coffee shop noise is the best for putting together graphics, editing photos, or doing some Photoshop work!

6 P.M.

This is my favorite part of the day, and Rory’s too: Hal’s home! Rory excitedly jumps back and forth between us for a full five minutes while I try to get a hug in. It’s one of our quirky rituals that I just love. Another is that Friday night is Date Night! Depending on the weather and our plans, sometimes we put Rory and her dinner in her crate, and other times I’ll stick her dinner in my purse and she’ll tag along! We love eating al fresco as frequently as possible, and I have a favorite Tex-Mex place we go to embarrassingly often (you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl!). Part of what we love about living in Midtown Atlanta is that we can walk just about anywhere we need to go on the weekends! The walk to and from dinner and while we’re eating is the best time to decompress from the day, go over any weekend plans (or lack thereof), and just talk about whatever.

8 P.M.

Date Night continues with sitting on the sofa and watching tv or a movie. (And throwing Ball the entire time.) I’m mildly obsessed with NCIS (I’ve seen just about every episode multiple times) and the DIY Network, but if Hal can convince me we’ll watch a Netflix or Amazon Prime series. For movies, we pretty much keep it classic (To Catch a Thief, Sabrina, Indiana Jones) or nerdy (Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings).

10 P.M.

Bedtime! I will try to squeeze in a chapter of whatever I’m currently reading - right now it’s a biography of Catherine the Great (I have a degree in history and it’s still a passion!). Then Hal and I will pull Rory under the covers and snuggle her while she snores and we talk about anything under the sun. These quiet moments can be the most overlooked, but they’re what restore my spirit and get me ready for rest and a new day!

Anna Kay Artworks - Watercolor Artist

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