10 Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea's


Needing some last minute gifts to get good ole dad? 

Well worry not, I've got you covered! I put together a list of things (mostly from Amazon, because #twodayshipping). This totally isn't sponsored, but I kid you not, Daniel and I have been Amazon Prime members since college. Like the kind of college where we ate ramen every day, but felt like the need for prime was necessary (now prime memberships as a student were like, $20, which was worth it due to how much I was saving on shipping art supplies... but anyways, I digress). Needless to say, Amazon Prime is where it's at!

So here's a list I've curated for you, on a few last minute ideas you can still snag and receive before Father's Day this Sunday.  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 or 9 / 10

The numbers link to all the products above - but if you want to know a little bit more about each of the items, read on below!

1. Kindle Paperwhite - $99

Does your dad love to read? Mine definitely does. Even though he's a "I'd rather be holding a book with that old library smell" kinda guy, I also know he loves his kindle for reading whenever he is traveling or on the go. Kindle's are so affordable - and this one is super high res! There are (I kind you not) over 60,000 (yes, that's 60k) reviews on this guy, and the average is nearly 5 stars... so you can feel good about this purchase. Really good. 

2. "Papa Bear" Tee or "Papa Bear" Long Sleeve  - $25-$35

This design was lettered by yours truly, screen printed with love right here in the shop, and I'd be honored if you felt called to give this to your dad as part of his Father's Day gift! If you purchase ASAP, I'll get this out so that you can have it in time to give to your dad! If it's urgent - just leave a comment at check out so I know this is a priority package and needs to go out as soon as possible!

3. Weber Vegetable Basket - $20

Okay, so my family has cooked with this many-a-time when we've grilled out... And y'all, can we say DE-LISH?! Seriously, I'm pretty sure grilled veggies are equivalent to candy for me, and this guy makes grilling veggies super easy!

4. Hammock - $17

So we have ENU hammocks (which are about ~$70), but I found this hammock that was only ~$20! There are 86 positive reviews (well a 4.5+ average) which surprised... So depending on how much you want to spend on daddio, this could be a fun and affordable option (or you can upgrade to the nicer one, which I can testify, we love! We have both the single and the double hammock). 

5. Beard Brush & Comb Set - $10

I thought this was a really nice brush set! The beard & comb combo make a great gift, and coming in hot at only $10 (and with over 1,000 reviews) I feel like you can't lose on this one. Unless, of course, your dad doesn't have a beard... Then that could be awkward. 

6. Men's Messenger Bag - $23

TBH, I don't know that my dad would wear this (he's kind of the nerd dad/Trekkie kinda guy) but this is something I would get for Daniel (whenever we celebrate Father's Day someday) as a way to carry his stuff in something a little more trendy. And I do know several guys/dads that this is their style... So had to get a little versatile and throw in some variety! 

7. Chocolate/Candy - $20

When all else fails, and I can't think of anything else to give my dad, I have resorted to candy and/or chocolate. I might be an enabler, but why not let dad indulge in his favorite treat? If you want to one-up giving him a box of chocolate (that he just *might* be kind enough to share) then go ahead and bake him a homemade treat yourself! It would mean a ton, I know. But if baking is not your style, or you haven't the time, then this is a safe and successful guaranteed option!

8. Magnetic Wristband - $13

I don't about your dad, but it's easy for my dad to drop stuff. Or lose stuff. I know this, because I am my father's child... And if I had a need to carry nails with me (other than the spontaneous moments I decide to hang something new on the wall) I would probably get one of these for myself... not even kidding.

But I do think it's a real struggle trying to nail something (or screw, etc.) and carry the small pieces in your hand. Then they drop, you get frustrated, and you know what happens next. So viola! A simple fix with a magnetic wrist band. Nifty, right?

9. Back To The Future Set - DVD's 1-3 ($18) or the Star Wars - Episodes 1-6 Set ($40)

Then there's always the classic... A good DVD to add to his collection. Something like "Back To The Future" which truly never goes out of style. While we all might have been a little disappointed the cubs didn't make it to the world series in 2015 (because how epic would that have been?!), we still love this movie.

Then there's Star Wars... I mean, it's basically taking over the movie universe, ya know? Everyone's got to have the classic first 6 episodes, where it all started. Now to debate: do you watch them in numerical order (1-6) or in their proper order (3-6 then 1-3) as some would argue? Maybe you'll just have to do both and then you can debate which one was better ;)

10. Terribly Good Dad Jokes - $6

I don't know about your dad, but I'm pretty sure my dad could be the KING of terrible dad jokes.

I. Mean. They. Are. So. Bad. Even. He. Doesn't. Laugh. 

Well, sometimes. Often he cracks himself up, and we just laugh because they are that bad. Well, why not give him some help with some better content? I've given my dad many-a-joke-book over the years, so I figured this one would be a great one to add to the list!


Hope this list has been helpful to you! 

If you haven't already purchased something yet, hopefully this list will give you some inspiration or idea's of what you can do (in the short amount of time left between now and Sunday). Don't discredit homemade idea's like a thoughtful card or making him his favorite cookies/dessert. I'm no men expert, but I've learned their pretty simple folk. Something small can go a long way!

You know your dad best, so trust your gut.

And to all the dad's out there: Happy Father's Day! Hope this day is one for the books.

Blessings, xo

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Know that shopping through affiliate links provides a small income for me to keep creating great content, at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own, and I will only share brands and products that I use or would like to use in my life. Thank you for your support and happy shopping!

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