The Perfect Farmer's Market Tote Bag


Weekends are for many things, and the Farmer's Market is up there as one of my favorite things! Near us, we have one of the best farmer's markets I've ever been to... Lots of fresh breads, keifer, veggies, local honey, homemade soaps and other concoctions - you name it, they have it! I love taking this cute tote with me wherever I go, to hold all my goodies. 

I love how the community comes together, with their children and pups, to pick up their local goods for the week. Last weekend, I went with my mom and her bestie (and two adorable children) and they helped me take some product photos! Below is my mom "styling" one by a melon plant next to our favorite farmer's market plant lady :) 

This tote really is my favorite! It can hold a lot, and it's super durable. I use it all the time at both the farmer's market and anytime I go to Aldi's (where you have to bring your own bags) and I sure like to stuff them all!

This bag is machine washable, and it truly has become a staple in our house. Feel free to snag one for you and a friend!

Thanks for following along! Visiting the Farmer's Market on Saturday's are one of my favorite things about the weekend. Not sure what it is, but it's so calming and peaceful. Plus, gotta love supporting local! If you wanna grab this tote bag for your next time at the Farmer's Market, just click here! I also have a "Mama Bear" Canvas tote bag, if you'd rather snag that one for all your goodies on the go.

If you wanna see a video preview, check out our day below:

P.S. The above photo was taken by Caitlyn, my mom's besties daughter. Loved how she perfectly captured this plant lady in her element!

If you wanna learn more about this tote, watch the video below:

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