New "Family Bear" Collection Featured on Tessa Kirby's Blog


Y'all, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with fashion blogger, home remodeling queen and mommy 'preneur extraorinaire Tessa Kirby! She is a blogger and friend, and she helped take some amazing photos that I used this fall with the launch of my new Family Bear collection featuring: "Mama Bear," "Papa Bear" and "Baby Bear."

She wrote up a sweet little post, and you can read it here. She also featured more photos in this post, 7 Reasons To Be Thankful This Year. Also, please note that all of these photos are hers! I did not take them (might be a little hard with me in Georgia and her in Illinois). Nevertheless, she did a great job and I just wanted to share. Hope you enjoy looking through these adorable photos! 

Baby BearPapa Bear + Baby BearBaby Bear + Papa BearBaby Bear

If you don't follow Tessa, she is a sweet Mommy blogger who loves growing her family, keeping it real about the mom life, and renovating interior spaces. You should definitely check out her sweet blog here! 

One really cool fact about Tessa is that she is highly inspired by Joanna Gaines (I mean, who isn't, right?) and one day, she felt encouraged through a friend and the Lord to reach out to her for a donation of $100 to start her blog and website. And you know what? Joanna responded with a personal note and the money! You can read this sweet blog post here.

Baby BearBaby BearPapa Bear + Baby BearMama Bear + Baby Bear

Don't these photos just melt your heart? I love the interaction of Tessa and Guy with their youngest daughter. They currently have three kids and are in the process of remodeling their second home. Tessa often shares behind-the-scenes and progress updates on her blog and instagram, so definitely give her a follow. Check out her blog here and her Instagram here

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PHOTOS: Tessa Kirby

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