Fall Bucket List - Freebie

I don't know about you, but Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year.

The weather starts cooling down (finally) and that means that we can finally bring out our favorite box of chunky sweaters, boots, cozy blankets, and other favorite winter wardrobe items. The fall scents come out in the stores, along with all the adorable decorations, and everyone starts decorating their house for their favorite holiday of this year - whether that be Fall, Halloween or Christmas.  

However you feel about the above list, every year Fall comes with lots of fun things to do - so I put together this little list to help inspire you to do a few fall-inspired things this season! Here are a list of my favorite suggestions - hope you enjoy! 


Create A Fall Playlist

This is great for your drive to work, cleaning or baking around the house, or just helping you get in a cozy mood (especially when you live in the south and the weather isn't really compromising with Fall feels). 

Host (Or Attend) A Friendsgiving 

Thanksgiving is an amazing tradition that we should celebrate more often - I mean who doesn't love good food and great company? If you want to host but the idea of cooking all the Thanksgiving items, it's okay to claim potluck style and have your company bring a dish to share! That way you can have the cozy, delicious Thanksgiving fees, without slaving in the kitchen for 48 hours. 

Drink Hot Chocolate 

Pretty self explanatory... But there's just something special about drinking hot chocolate in a mug you love, full of candy canes and marshmallows! My favorite mugs to drink out of are the campfire styles in the shop, like here, here and here. 

Go Apple Picking At A Local Orchard

This is one of my absolutely favorite things to do! Not only are the apples better from an apple orchard (because, DUH), there's also something pretty magical about getting to pick your own fruit off the vine.

Make Carmel Apples

After picking all those apples at the apple orchard, what are you going to do with them? One of my absolute favorite apple recipes is to make caramel apples! I'm not sure if this is because I truly love it, or if all those years wearing braces just made me never want to miss eating caramel apples when I no longer had braces... Either way, this one is definitely a fall staple in this household! 

Bring Out The Sweaters!

Cooler weather means that it's finally sweater weather! It's time to box up that summer wardrobe and bring out all things cozy: scarves, boots, sweaters and beanies! 

Enjoy The Sound Of Crunching Leaves

Just walking through the beautiful golden and warm tones of leaves has a sound that is just music to my ears! I don't know about you, but the leaves changing to all the beautiful colors are truly one of my favorite things.

Visit Local Fairs And Festival

I'm not being partial at aaaaaaall to this - but there's nothing like the onset of the holiday season to start shopping small! Not only will you find the most unique goods, handmade with love, but it's also fun to hear local musicians and find local artists in your area come together and do a show! 

Visit A Pumpkin Patch 

This one is pretty self explanatory... I mean, who doesn't love pumpkin patches? Plus think of all the adorable #fromwhereistand photos you can take with all the sweet pumpkins that surround you? 

Go On A Hayride

There's just something about gathering with strangers on a trailer bed full of hay that just screams fall spirit. 

Decorate Your Home (or Porch)

Here is a HUGE list of decoration idea's from Country Living (here) of a bunch of inspired ways you can decorate your home this holiday season. 

Craft With Leaves 

There are SO many things you can do with leaves - from collecting them to decorate around your house, take that perfect *fall themed* Instagram photo, or simply do a few DIY's for around the house, it seems like the options are endless! Here is a list of 35 fun DIY's that are centered around fall leaves - check out the link (here).

Open The Windows 

One of my husband's favorite things about this year is being able to open the windows and go a few days (or a few weeks if you're blessed to live in such an area) and not have to run the air conditioning and heater. He likes it mostly for the electric bill benefits, but I think a small part of him also likes the breath of fresh air (#literally). There's truly nothing like the smells of autumn in your home, and that cool breeze dancing it's way through the hallway. 

Go For A Drive (and search for Color Changing Leaves)

Georgia has trees everywhere, and it's so fun to drive and see which neighborhoods and areas are changing and which ones aren't quite there yet. I love just looking out the window and seeing an ocean of beautiful autumn colors. 

Bake A Pie

Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin, Berry - you name it, and it's being cooked this holiday season. Here are a few recipes that I'm excited to try! 

Pumpkin Recipes

This time of year tends to bring the addition of pumpkin... to just about everything! I'm not gonna lie, I love the resurgence of pumpkins to grocery stores both inside and out. Literally, just Google your favorite dish and add "______ pumpkin recipe" and I can almost guarantee that something will pop up! Now whether that thing is delicious or not (pumpkin mac 'n cheese?) is completely beside the point. 

Speaking Of Pumpkin... Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Starbucks may have made this drink an autumn staple, but there's no denying this drink is a fall classic and is consumed by the masses! 

Go Through A Corn Maze 

I had honestly never hurt of this until we moved to Illinois - where in our little town we had a HUGE corn maze (and a reindeer ranch) and lemme just tell you... They are so much fun! It's also very easy to get lost in a corn maze, so just be sure to grab a friend and have fun! 

Make Homemade Apple Cider

My mother has an apple cider recipe that is truly one of my absolutely FAVORITE things! It's really simple too: just buy a jar of your favorite apple cider from the grocery store, and pour it into a crock pot. Next you'll take an orange, wash it, cut it in half and stick whole cloves all over the rind (you want at least 30-50 of these is a medium sized orange). You can also add an apple and do the same thing, but this isn't necessary. Then put it on low in the crock pot for a few hours... et voila! Not only will your house smell incredible, but this is also a HUGE hit for your home and any events you host (or a great item to bring). Just be sure to get a glass in before it's gone! 

Attend A Local Craft Show

I'm a little biased to this particularly one - but the holiday's seem to bring together some of THE most talented folks who make things. Plus who doesn't like finding a unique gift for a special person in your life AND knowing that you're helping a small business flourish? I call that a win-win. 

Take Your Family Christmas Photo

This one is a classic - and it's one of my favorite things to see every year! I love the influx of mail that comes through our mailbox, and it's always fun to see updated photos of the various people you keep in touch with (and if you're like our family: we always send out a little newsletter update as well). 

Go On A Picnic Under The Stars

There's just something about snuggling up next to someone you love, under a blanket, maybe by a campfire, and admiring the stars and all that God has created. 

Host A Bonfires And Make S'mores

Speaking of campfires... There's nothing quite like hosting (or attending) a bonfire and making a bonfire classic... S'mores!

Carve A Jack-O-Lantern

I'm pretty terrible at this, and just about the only way you can convince me to carve a pumpkin is the reward of getting to bake and eat delicious fresh pumpkin seeds... But that being said, I love seeing Jack-O-Lanterns on porches and the clever designs people come up with and carve! 

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

After cleaning out the pumpkin that you've carved, save the seeds an roast them to make a delicious snack (that you don't have to feel guilty about). 

Air BnB in Foliage Covered Mountains 

Unless you're blessed to live in an area surrounded by trees, there's nothing quite like taking a mountain vacay to admire the sea of red, orange and yellow!  

Make Homemade Applesauce 

This is one of my absolute favorite recipes of all time! Not only does it taste absolutely divine - but it makes your house smell like fall heaven! 

Have A Canning Party

This isn't just for older ladies - canning can be a great way to take produce and veggies that may have grown in abundance and create a way to enjoy these goodies all year 'round. Plus, you can gift these babies to your friends and neighbors as a sweet little treat. I always appreciate the jams and jellies we get at Christmas time that are homemade with love! 

Go To The Farmers Market

Speaking of canning - if you don't have a green thumb, it's easy to purchase from someone who does! Farmers markets start to flourish with lots of goodies in the fall, and again, shopping small not only benefits your family with goodies, but it blesses another persons hard work and labor. 

Go For A Walk In The Park

Tis the season to ALL the outdoor activities... And I mean, when was the last time you went for a walk in the park? It's something we favored a ton as kids, and somehow turning into "Adults" means no more parks? Not a fan. Daniel and I try to frequent different parks all over our state and go for afternoons hiking, and it's truly one of our favorite things. 

Watch An Outdoor Football Game

I'm not gonna lie - football is not my favorite thing. But visiting my alma mater with my husband and going to a game? Now that I don't mind. Sure, I end up catching up with friends more than I do any actual watching of the game - but I do enjoy having an outing that my husband truly enjoys and getting to see his excitement around being there (and my being with him, even if I'm only half paying attention). 

 Host Trunk or Treat at Your Church 

This is one of my favorite things to do growing up - we used to Trick or Treat all the time growing up, but I know that's not nearly as popular or safe as it used to be, so this is a wonderful alternative. What is it? It's basically the same idea as Trick-or-Treating, except it's at your church and in the parking lot. Everyone who wants to participate as a "home" will open up the trunks to their vehicle, and pass out candy. Some people go all out - decorating their trunks very Halloween themed and dressing up in a character themselves, and others just play some music and pass out candy. Either way, this is a fun thing to watch and be a part of, so I definitely recommend giving it a try! 

Start A Gratitude Journal

Tis the season to be thankful - and no better time like the present to start a gratitude journal!  

Try A New Pumpkin Recipe 

There are so many pumpkin recipes on pinterest, it's a little ridiculous... But instead of being intimidated, try something new and maybe you'll discover a new favorite!  

Eat Candy Corn 

This is one of my weaknesses that come every fall... I'm not much of a sugar/candy person, but candy corn is something that I only buy one bag of every year, because that bag will be gone in only a few days (...or day). Nevertheless, it's an autumn classic! 

Rake Leaves For Your Neighbor

Fall isn't just about what you can do for yourself, but also what you can do to bless others! Spend a Saturday raking your leaves, and then just hop on over to your neighbors house and do the same for them! Plus if you haven't had the chance to meet your neighbors yet, what better way to start up a conversation than over leaves? 

Knit A Scarf or A Blanket

There's something just so cozy about sitting by the fire, watching a Hallmark movie and (in my case) attempting to knit something for a loved one. I've never been able to get the knitting thing down, but it does seem like a very peaceful and cozy way to pass time during the cold winter months. 

DIY A Front Door Wreath

There are so many fabulous ways to DIY a front door wreath, and it's a cheery way to spread a little cheer through decorating!

Go Camping

Whether you're super adventurous and want to go camping out in the wild, or you like the tamer and safe bathroom situation of camping in your own backyard, either option is a lot of fun! 

Watch Fall Movies

Whether it's the Hallmark channel that is your vice, or watching Hocus Pocus at least 20 times before Halloween, there are several fall classics that you can't go without watching at least once before the holiday season begins. Which one is your favorite?

Break Out The Crockpot

This time of year is the perfect time to break out the crockpot and make all the soups and stews you can possibly can! It's so easy to throw all the ingredients in the pot in the morning, and then when you come home from work or a busy day, dinner is pipping hot, delicious and already made! 

Here are a few suggested recipes: 

Cook With Squash

Squash is one of those unique vegetables that come in a ton of variety! I quickly googled it (here) and there's so much variety! Plus it's fun to learn the different ways different squashes are best used. 

Drink A Fall Inspired Latte 

It may be basic, but there's nothing quite like a Pumpkin Spice Latte! 

Visit A State Fair 

There's just something so iconic and classic about going to the state fair. Maybe it's because the movie Grease really put fair going on the map, but where else can you find everything fried and overpay for it?

Host A Backyard Potluck 

Potlucks are a fun and affordable way to host a party! Not only do you get to save money from having to provide a ton of food for a ton of people (that may or may not get wasted), you also get to experiment with new recipes and flavors that you might not have thought of before (thanks, friends) and of course, enjoy fellowship with people you love. 

Jump In A Pile Of Leaves

No matter how old you are (at least in my opinion) this is something that will never get old... I don't know why there's so much joy in jumping in a huge pile of leaves (probably delirium from having spent hours raking said pile) but either way, this is one of those simply things that you can do to bring a joyous, fall-inspired smile to your face. It might also bring a chuckle out of your neighbors if they catch you in the act!

Cozy Up And Read A Book

One of the beautiful things to remember during the fall is to slow down and enjoy the moment that you are in! With the holidays fast approaching, it's easy to get caught up in your schedule and forget to take a moment or two to breathe and rest. There's nothing quite like getting cozy under a blanket and reading a good book - whether this is done outside enjoying the autumn air, or inside by the fire - it's simple moments like these that help you appreciate the season and take a moment to rest.  

Bring Out Your Rainboots And Jump In A Puddle (or Few) 

Again, as kids, we frequently jumped in puddles (despite our mother's asking us not to). There's just something so satisfying 

Help In The Kitchen This Thanksgiving 

Unless you're one of the power houses that does Thanksgiving all on your own (and you. are. brave) it's a lot easier when you know you don't have to go it alone! There's something so satisfying about cooking a big meal for people you love, and then enjoying a delicious meal after a true labor of love. 

Attend (or Throw) A Halloween Party 

Who says halloween is just for kids? Grown ups like to dress up and eat halloween candy and watch Hocus Pocus 20 times, too. 

Enjoy The Cool, Crisp Fall Air

If you can't tell already, I'm a big believer in spending time outside and enjoying the cool, crisp fall air this season brings. 

Start Christmas Shopping 

Okay, I know it's a little early for some... But it's never too early to get a head start on your shopping list. I already have some friends who have finished all of their christmas shopping! 

Shop Small

Speaking of Christmas shopping and knocking out your gift list for loved ones, consider shopping small this holiday season! Not only will you bless the receiver of your gift, but you will also bless the shop owner that you ordered from! There's a quote that says, "Every time you order from a small shop, the owner does a little happy dance." As a small shop owner myself, I can testify that this is absolutely true! Here are a few of my fall favorites from the shop: this mug and this mug, this tee and this tee, and of course a gold foil print!


Whether this means donating your time (like at a food shelter), donating your money (to a local charity, for example) or donating out of your abundance (think spring cleaning but in the fall, or gifting to people outside your immediate family and friend circle) there is nothing quite like being in a spirit of giving!  

Pick Your Own Produce

This is something that quite a lot of farmers are getting into - and it's pretty smart on their end! What is it? You get to visit a farm, and pick your own produce, then you pay for what you picked and get to go home and enjoy your fresh goodies. 

Enjoy this season! 

Download the freebie by clicking on the above photo, or the link here!

Blessings, xo


October 27, 2017 by Rosalynne Fluty

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