Little Craft Show: Recap of the Spring 2018 Show


This last weekend we drove 12 hours to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Little Craft Show! This is one of my absolute favorite shows, and every time we come we always have a great time! I’m honestly sad we didn’t explore more of Arkansas when we were so close (we used to live in Louisiana), but I’m thankful for the time we have when we come up here for a show!

The Fayetteville area is a really big city, but it’s spread out in a way where it doesn’t feel cramped, and the traffic (especially in comparison to Atlanta or Dallas) is practically not existent. The whole town feels hyper-local, in that a lot of the shops are locally curated. There is a really strong #shoplocal vibe, which is probably why we always do so well at this show!

So Friday we hit the road late mid-morning, and made the 12 hour trek up. We stopped for a coffee break in Birmingham at one of my favorite coffee shops (Octane). I got a black coffee (a Columbian blend) and my sweet husband, who can’t stand black coffee, absolutely loved it! In fact, he finished the rest of my drink! Definitely keeping that noted for when I stock our home with coffee (constantly trying to kick my husband sugar addiction, especially in his coffee).

Anyways, we got in late Friday night, so we pretty much just crashed at our Air-Bnb. We stayed in a home owned by two sweet sisters who have a food truck called Bakery Wakery. It’s made with natural and healthy ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re eating. We were blessed to try some on our last morning there, and y’all, it was SO good! I’m honestly not much of a donut person, and this was absolutely delicious. My favorite had a banana base – which basically tasted like banana bread, but in the shape of a donut! The toppings and extras they add are literally just icing on the cake.

Little Craft Show - Springdale, Arkansas and Fayetteville, Arkansas

Anyways, Saturday we had the little craft show! I made a little video last year of our show (below) and I created a new one recapping more of our trip (at the end of this post).

There's a ton of talented people that show up to Little Craft Show every year! Below are a few really awesome booths that showed up this year:

  • C by M (amazing wood workers, most the proceeds go to training missionaries)
  • The Freckled Hen Farmhouse (legit. obsessed. with. everything. Joanna Gaines would probably be obsessed with this place, too. Just sayin'). 
    • I picked up this (AMZ LINK) adorable reusable beeswax wrap! With our new house I’m trying to convert as many things as I can to organic/low waste, and these were too cute (and amazing) not to pass up!
  • Ramble & Company (apparel maker + fellow screenprinting gal)
  • Gingiber (adorable animal prints + illustrations)
  • Jo + Alex (fiber arts)
  • Hobby & Hum (beautiful candles)
  • Every Good Thing (the cutest baby wear)
  • J Bowles Pottery (the terra-cotta pots are everything)
  • Cava Cats (another beautiful pottery company. Total speckled goals)
  • I Am Here Cards (beautiful letterpress maps)

Speaking of amazing local talent, there are a ton of incredible shops in the area! Unfortunately, by the time is over on Saturday, all the shops are closed until the following, however one day we’re hope to come a day earlier so we can explore while shops are open. So TBD on these places - I didn't write down a lot of the names... But just know, there's so much incredible and local talent around these parts.

Geraldi's Italian in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Anyways, after Little Craft Show on Saturday night, we had a spontaneous date night. ˆ Last time we were in Fayetteville we discovered an Itlian restaurant called Giavani’s – and I think it just might be hands down the best Italian food we’ve ever had!

Geraldi's Italian Restaurant - Fayetteville, Arkansas

This picture literally doesn’t do justice – both of these plates were so flavorful and delicious! I’m pretty sure I ate more food in this restaurant than I do at Thanksgiving (and Thanksgivng is my favorite holiday and favorite food #mashedpotatoesandgravy). We got the Fettuchini Alfredo and the Chicken Parmesan… both heavenly. Literaly worth driving the 12 hours for this… Okay, maybe no really, but we really love it! They also bring out a huge basket of equally delicious garlic bread... I don't know what all they put on it (besides lots of butter, garlic salt, parsley and another secret ingredient I couldn't figure out). 

The Alchemy Macaroons and Tea - Fayetteville, ArkansasThe Alchemy Macaroons and Tea - Fayetteville, Arkansas

After that, we literally waddled out of the restaurant (because we both finished our food, when we easily probably should have only eaten half) and walked around downtown a bit. The downtown square has a lot of shops, and always has fun events going on! We hit up our favorite macaroon store, The Alchemy, and got some of the best lavender macaroons I’ve ever had, and some incredible tea (my favorite is the WolfBerry). They brew it with a really fancy tea brewing machine (the kind that calculates the temperature of the water, and brew your tea only the exact amount you need so you can have the perfect cup of tea). So delicious!

Fayetteville, ArkansasFayetteville, ArkansasFayetteville, Arkansas

The rest of the evening, we explored Fayetteville by foot! We found a greenway that we enjoyed walking around and just exploring more of this beautiful town. It’s a mountain town, so the amount of greenery everywhere is just stunning. Along the greenway there was an insane amount of wild honeysuckle everywhere, and we enjoyed getting a few tasting in! I remember picking wild honeysuckle growing up, something Daniel wasn’t very familiar with (and I was in shock). So I showed him how to pick the perfect batch and enjoy nature’s dessert.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Something else I love about to the south is the amount of “weeds” everywhere – they are stunning! Daniel knows me well, and he knows that I would prefer for him to pick these wildflowers over him purchasing some from the local grocery store anyday. So of course, he picked some of this beautiful flower!

We also stumbled upon a little creek, which was stunning! We enjoyed sitting by the water (my personal fave) and enjoyed spending time in God's creation.

The rest of the evening we spent walking around, enjoying the greenway through Fayetteville and seeing what other hidden treasures we could stumble upon. 

Sunday morning we woke up, packed our bags and headed to one of my favorite coffee shops before heading home! We stopped at Onyx, a local and delcious coffee chain. Whenever I go out for coffee, that's when I like to treat myself to a latte... Especially when they have a lavender one!

This lavender latte was hands down one of the best lattes I've ever had... though I will admit that Daniel's vanilla latte was a little slice of heaven, too. It tasted like French Vanilla ice cream! They syrups are from Pink Alchemy, and as soon as the lavender is back in stock, we'll definitely be ordering more.

Overall, it was a really great trip! We really enjoy visiting (and the drive through north Alabama and Arkansas are stunning) and we look forward to next time.

Video recap - coming soon!

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