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Okay, if you don't know, I'm rather coffee obsessed! When we moved to Atlanta, and I had more than only 1-2 coffee shops worth trying in the area... I totally freaked out! I've just about made it through this entire list, and I figured that I should share with anyone else who wondered what the best places to go/visit are.

So next time you're in Atlanta, and you're looking for some incredible coffee shops to try - definitely check out this list!

Please note: these are not my photos - they were taken from google images of the locations/proprietor :) 

Octane Coffee - they have my personal favorite latte. I don't know what about it makes it my fave, though I've heard that each latte is made with four shots of espresso... So that's probably why I love it so much. And can only drink one. Also, my personal favorite location (because of the parking + baked goods) is the one that shares a space with Little Tart Bake Shop (they make an incredible lavender earl grey tea)!

Chrome Yellow Trading Co - One of my favorite coffee shops in the city! I don't know what exactly makes it my favorite - I think just the vibe you get when you're inside here. It's like hanging out with your bestie and drinking good coffee together... Plus there are plants everywhere, and beautiful wood textures, and local goods to purchase. So basically, it's like if I were to create a coffee shop, it would probably be something similar to this one.

Plus, the coffee is amazing, and they purchase beans from other local coffee shops... And the employees are some of the kindest I've met so far. So it's truly an all around win. You just need to go.

Amelies French Bakery

Amelie’s French Bakery - They have one of my favorites: a delicious lavender latte! The parking lot can fill up pretty quickly, but there's a hidden back lot with plenty of parking! The decor is super unique - it's your French grandmother's living room, meets the hoarder who loves a good estate sale. 

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co - They ethically source their coffee and care a lot about the farmers + sharing their story. Plus fun fact? This was one of the "Luke's Diner" pop up shops that happened awhile back for the Gilmore Girl's launch (I did a whole blog post recap, here, if you missed it). 

Bread & Butterfly - the cutest (and one of the most photogenic) French inspired cafes! My husband and I went here for lunch - and both enjoyed one of the best lattes we've ever had. Plus, they have really good food and of course, delicious pastries! Plus this little sun/garden room is what Instagram-worthy pictures are made of. 

Dancing Goats / Batdorf & Bronson - Favorite location is close to Ponce City Market! 100% because of the big outdoor seating area, and mostly because of the two amazing (and large) outdoor swings! But their coffee is really good and all their location are fun and great to work from. 

Revelator - Basically your classic, simple hipster coffee place. 


Upbeet - I've eaten here (one of my faves) but it was too late in the afternoon to try the coffee... But they have mushroom coffee, which I've been really wanting to try! (Just for a fun fact: you can learn more about mushroom coffee here). 

Chattahoochee Coffee Co - There are several locations, and they have lavender lattes! They make the syrup in house with local ingredients, which is always a win in my book. The best location (which we haven't been to yet) is on the Westside (it's beautiful and you can view the river from the coffee shop). So I highly recommend going there! I've been to the other location and it's inside an apartment complex, and it's still super cool vibes :) 

Here's a few I haven't been to yet, but are on my list:

Cafe Intermezzo - Haven't been here yet, but I've heard it's a must stop! I actually have it on my list to visit with friends in a few weeks, as I've heard it's kind of the classic brunch spot. I mean, coffee and pastries and delectable French goods? Don't mind if I do! 

Brash Coffee

Brash - Haven't been here yet, but I've heard it's some of the best coffee ATL has to offer. They have several locations - the one inside the MLK museum probably has the easiest parking (and it's indoors) but they have a container-type one that's walk up only and that's the one I've heard most about. 

Cafe + Velo - A bike and coffee shop! I've driven by this one plenty of times, but haven't had the chance to stop in yet. I love the mix of coffee and bikes (seen this idea a lot in Fayetteville, AR area) and love the vibes (and those mint chairs). 

Cafe Vendome - Another one on the list to try (think: French cafe style). Basically since my days of living in France, I love anywhere that serves a good pastry, so I'm always down for some good coffee and delicious homemade baked goods.

Condesa Coffee - This one is close to our church and drive by it a lot - but can't ever find parking, so I haven't been able to stop by yet. But I've heard great things!

Copper Coin - This is another one I haven't been here yet, but its on the list because I've heard great things!

East Pole Coffee Co — I've heard that this is the best place for photos... haha. But I bet their coffee is incredible, too!

Taproom - One of those places that sells coffee + beer. It's come highly recommended by many! I think even at one point someone told me they sell amazing macaroons (including a lavender one) so I need to check it out.


If you can't tell, pretty much anything with good coffee and some French pastries marks a good place to stop in my book!

I'd love to know - are there any on this list you've tried? What did you get?

Or did I miss one of your favorite coffee shops? Let me know and I'll be sure to add it to my list of places to try next!

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