Fall Themed Downtown Window


I realized I never shared photos of one of my favorite creative projects from last fall, so I am sharing them now! Feel free to scroll through to see the process from beginning to end. I didn't take a ton of photos, but here are the few I have. Enjoy!

So last fall, I was given the opportunity to decorate four windows however I wanted in a building that has been kind of abandoned (though it will be remodeled eventually) and I could display whatever I wanted! So I decided to do a little dream of mine - and pretend it was a little window for my store! I LOVE fall and I love so many things that are associated with fall - the lattes, pumpkin spice everything, the leaves, the colors, the flannel, the boots, etc. 

Everything you see is free handed! I just had an idea in my head and kind of went for it. And I absolutely LOVE the result! <3 I realized I never took photos with my shirts in the window because it was adorable! They were displayed hanging off branches and had this lovely flow with the doodles framing the items... But since I don't have the photo evidence, you can just imagine how lovely it was. 

So here are the photos - most of them are before, after I finished everything I added the leaves (that I hand strung... Which is no easy feat) and that really added a fun pop of color that made this corner just a delightful place to see! :) 


Thanks for checking this out! Excited to see what new opportunities God brings for us in the Atlanta area this fall :) 

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