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Gilmore Girls is a classic TV Show - and it's also a great source of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas! I've put together some outfit inspiration to source from classic characters of this wonderful TV show. Whether you're dressing up as Lorelai (any excuse to drink tons of coffee, right?) or you're getting a group together to represent the Stars Hallow gang - however you do it, I hope you enjoy looking through this list and finding some great last minute halloween costume ideas! 

#1. Lorelai Gilmore  (image source here
What you need: An outfit (see below) and LOTS of coffee. 
+ Work Lorelai: A nice pant or skirt suit and coffee. Or a button down shirt with some kind of vest is also a pretty classic look.
+ Teenage Lorelai: Wear a band t-shirt that would drive Emily insane. 
+ Frazzled Lorelai: Tie-dye shirt, cutoff shorts, cowboy boots and a long coat (anyone remember this classic look?). Oh, and coffee. 
+ "I Smell Snow" Lorelai: A sweater, cute little beanie, a peacoat and the dreamy look of knowing that snow is just around the bend. And of course, coffee. 
Here's some inspiration: coffee | coffee | coffee
Rory Gilmore

#2. Rory Gilmore  (image source here)
What you need: Depending on what version of Rory you're going for - a classic school uniform, headband and backpack is a classic look. Didn't go to private school? Wear a modest outfit and your nose in a book will do the trick. And a togo cup of coffee if you're going for collegiate Rory. 
Where to find: Find a friend who has a school uniform, or just wear one of your classic looks and stick your nose in a book. #simple
Here's some inspirationbookbookbook
Luke Danes
#3. Luke Danes (image source here)
What you need: Flannel and a backwards baseball cap. Legit simplest. costume. EVER.
Where to find: Well, flannel is everywhere... But if you don't own any (or a baseball cap) there's a good chance one of your friends will own these things already in their classic. Otherwise, thrift store are an easy and affordable way to purchase these last minute!
Here's some inspirationflannelflannelflannel

Paris Geller
#4. Paris Geller  (image source here)
What you need: A school uniform or business casual outfit. Unless you're going for first post-break up Paris... Then you just need your pj's and bed head. AKA, just wake up and call it good! 
Where to buy: I would think you own pj's, so that one is easy. A school uniform or biz cash outfit might be a little harder to find - but ask around or feel free to hit up a thrift store for some great options! Warning: watch out for shoulder pads in any business jackets. haha. 
Here's some inspirationYaleYaleYell
 Sookie St James
#5. Sookie St James (image source here)
What you need: A chef's outfit, bandana and spatula. If you want to throw in some bandages because classic Suki is always hurting herself accidentally... That would seal the deal. 
Where to buyThrift stores or chefs, would be your best option. Also, Walgreens sells bandages and tape. 
Here's some inspirationfood | foodfood
Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore (image source here)
What you need: Pencil skirt, pearls and pumps.
Where to buy: Ask your mom - she should know or have something that you can borrow. Otherwise shopping at one of those old lady stores... You'll be set.
Here's some inspirationfancyfancierfanciest
Hope you enjoy this and can find some inspiration! If you're still not sure about what to do - but love Gilmore Girls, I do have some products in my shop that can help you advertise your love for Gilmore Girls. Wearing something that says "Gilmore Girls" on it counts as a Gilmore Girl costume, right? I think so. Here's a link to my Gilmore Girls collection: link
Aaaaaaaand if you're still needing a little more Gilmore Girl Halloween costume inspiration.... Here are a few additional links of some great suggestions for Gilmore Girl costume ideas! Check out links here | here | here | here | here
October 26, 2017 by Rosalynne Fluty

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