2019 Customer & Content Survey Results


As you may or may not know, I recently sent out a survey to all of my customers, newsletter subscribers, and Instagram followers.

Y'all are MY PEOPLE, and I'm grateful for this time to hear from you and hear how I can best serve you in the upcoming year.

2018 was a year of a lot of growth and learning. 2019 is a year I'm praying for radical breakthrough and blazing new trails in territories unknown. Okay, well that sounds a little intense for really my breaking into the digital downloads world, but it feels pretty crazy to me.

Anyways, total tangent. 

The purpose of this blog post is to share with YOU what the survey results were. They were sooo instrumentally helpful in my planning out content, curriculum and new products for the upcoming year, and I'm excited to share with you some insights that I learned from y'all, and a rough idea of what to expect this year.

So without further adieu, let's dive on in!



So I had a few different goals with this survey. I'd say there were three main goals:

  1. Figure out what my newsletter subscribers wanted in frequency of emails, and content within the emails.
  2. Figure out what physical products people resonated with, and what I should come out with next. 
  3. Gauge what people are most interested in via content I produce and future teachings/courses/PDF's I come out with.

And thankfully, I feel like I got a really great pulse on all of these things!

Again, thank you everyone who took the time to share their answers with me, and let me learn by hearing from YOU!

So here's a few things that affirmed me:

+ Y'all love seeing our pup, Jace. This makes my heart so happy! We are absolutely obsessed with our furr baby, and I love that y'all are too.

+ Y'all want to learn more lettering from me! To be honest, I've fought this because I think, "There is already so much lettering content out there." But I've asked over and over again, and it's consistently the thing that I get asked about the most. So I'm working on resources that I'm hoping to share out this spring!

+ Y'all also want to learn about products + starting your own shop! This is the #2 thing I get asked about the most, and the thing I'm also planning to share more about this year. I'm in the process of developing resources to share (first up? Vendor guide - it's been my #1 request to teach others the best places to source products and how to find good companies). 

+ Y'all want to hear more about natural wellness. This is something I haven't talked about a ton, but something I've wanted to talk about for a long time! I've struggled with IBS for over 10 years, and over that time I've learned a lot about what I put into my body, what products I put on my body, and even the products and items we use in our home. I've switched to natural remedies for a lot of things, and have wanted to share more... But have been hesitant (I have no idea why). So my hope this year is to share a little more of my favorite things (think essential oils, green non-toxic products for the home, and other natural things).

+ Y'all love my coffee making stories! This cracked me up, but also made me smile. Our morning ritual of making coffee and then sitting down for our quiet time has easily become one of my favorite things. It's truly a magical way to start my day, and I love that y'all enjoy being brought into it! Now a lot of you ask about our espresso machine (read this blog post here to learn more), and don't worry, I am planning to come out with a full IG series and YouTube video explaining further how we make our coffee and where we source our beans!

+ Y'all LOVE your coffee mugs from the shop! Which I love that you love, because creating mugs is truly my favorite thing. So I definitely will continue this and keep coming out with adorable and encouraging mugs for y'all to enjoy. 

Now, let's switch gears a bit and talk about the things that surprised me!

So here's a few things that surprised me:

+ Y'all really love my content and when I share my heart! Many asked for more blog posts, longer newsletters, and more BTS tidbits of both personal and business life. 

+ Y'all really love the apparel from the shop. As you might have seen late last year, I wrote this post that I was phasing out apparel. I still hold true on that statement, as I have other goals I want to focus and pray through this year, but it has made me seriously consider looking into bringing apparel back down the road.

I'm not sure what this would look like - if I would outsource it again, find someone local print for me, or if I would print again. I'm not sure. Basically, this aspect of my business is on a big pause until I feel God give me clarity either way.

+ Y'all said my heart really shines through in the way I "speak" (write). This was so encouraging! It's one of my biggest worries that I will say something that someone can take the wrong way, and be hurt by it. I literally pray over the words that I write, even in things like my newsletter and Instagram posts, and my desire is that my platform can be a place of encouragement and joy. Y'all affirmed me and said things like, "your content is always so positive and uplifting," "your newsletter always brings joy and encouragement to my week," and "your stories and posts always brighten my day."

Y'ALL! *crying emoji* seriously so blessed by you, and I'm so glad my heart comes through in the things that I share. That's always been my hope and prayer, and it will continue to be! The world is full of plenty of discouraging things, I'm happy to be a little sparkle to break it up. 

+ Y'all asked for me to talk even more about faith! My faith has been an instrumental part of both my personal life and my business, and I was pleasantly surprised that y'all asked to hear more about faith, how to share your faith online, and how to incorporate faith into your business. 

Definitely will be praying through how I can develop resources and content that can help you share your faith online more confidently and incorporate God into more aspects of my business.

Honestly, this was probably my favorite takeaway from the whole survey. I was so ECSTATIC, not to hear that this was a need, but knowing that it's a need I could help encourage you in! So hopefully more on this, soon. 

+ Y'all want to hear more about marriage! This was another surprise that was also a gift. Marriage has easily been one of the best blessings that has ever happened to me, and I'm excited to pray through how Daniel and I can share more about our marriage in a healthy way, that still protects us and doesn't give away the farm. Ya know? Cause as much as I love being authentic online and growing my tribe, the most important thing to me is protecting those I love and making them a priority. So I'll be talking to Daniel more about this (and am currently trying to convince him to do a Instagram Live Q+A together... We'll see if I can convince him). 


So what's next?

As you might have read in my last post, God is definitely putting me in a "less planning, more praying" season of life. So I'm definitely leaning in on that, and trusting that He'll guide my next steps and help me figure out what order to come out with things in my business, and maybe even discover new ideas that aren't even on my radar yet!

But that being said, I do have a few things I'm working on that I'm planning to come out with (and at this point, since they're more than halfway finished, it's likely they'll come out). 

- Beginner Handlettering Workbook. This will guide you through the ins and outs of getting started with handlettering, my favorite tools, lettering styles practice, and tips to help you develop your own style and connect letters.

- Lettering Worksheets. These will be more affordable and downloadable, so you can print endless copies to practice and trace, or bring into your digital devices (like an iPad) to digital practice (and waste less paper). I've already come up with a few different font styles, and likely this will be the first thing I release!

- ProCreate Brushes! I've learned how to develop my own lettering brushes, and modified them based on the needs that I've been looking for in the perfect digital pencil. I've been using them to develop my new product line and work on the lettering sheets, and am also hoping to release this soon (and maybe do a little giveaway with the lettering worksheets). 

- PDF on all things Products & Vendors! I get asked A LOT where I source my products and how to find the best products for the specific need, budget and capacity you have, and so I'm really excited to come out with this guide!

The above things, are like I mentioned, already in the works and I plan on releasing this year. These are things that have honestly been years in the making, and this is the year I decided I'm going to stop making excuses and actually come out with these products to help y'all!

Then there are a few things that are in my heart, but I'm not sure if it'll be a reality this year, or sometime in the future:

+ I'd like to come out with an entire PDF/course on how to start your own product shop! I have started writing this, but I literally feel like I have 365 days worth of content I could share with you on this subject (which would be super overwhelming) so I'm still trying to figure out how to pair it down to the basics and really help guide you through the steps of starting, launching and continuing your own products shop. 

+ YouTube! YouTube videos are something I'm really hoping to get into later this year, because the whole video scene absolutely fascinates me, and my husband and I are both YouTube addicts (it's like a visual google! Believe it or not, I like it more than Pinterest... I know, I know). I have about a zillion ideas of videos to come out with, but for some reason I always talk myself out of filming them, or if I film them and edit them, I never publish them. So am hoping to walk into 2019 with a little more boldness. 

Also, Daniel and I have talked about starting our own YouTube channel... Ideas are still pending on what this would be about, but likely home projects and our garden project that we'll be starting this spring. I'll let you know if this ends up happening or not, but I do think it would be fun ;) Either way, you know I'll still be sharing plenty of BTS of our adventures on IG Stories. 

+ Based on how well the lettering materials do, I'd like to develop a devotion/"How to incorporate lettering into your quiet time" book. Because I've learned that creativity is an act of worship before God (if you let it), and hearing that SO many of you are interested in how to further incorporate your faith into everyday life and business, I feel like this would be a beautiful blend.

+ Possibly teaching in-person lettering workshops. I absolutely love people, and I love seeing when people realize they are capable of more than they think. Daniel and I have talked about offering classes in my home studio, and also in friends cute shops. Again, not sure if this is something I'll pursue in 2019, wait until 2020, or never do (because fun fact, I am terrified of public speaking and hate being in front of an audience as the sole person) so we'll see. This is one of those things I'm just giving to God and will let him open the doors if it's meant to happen! 


Okay, I think that's about the sum of it! There's lot of other little details, ideas and dreams I have, and about a million other thoughts... But I figure this is a really great starting point. I'm really excited about 2019 and the possibilities this year will bring. 

Again, all of this I mentioned are just the things I know about and feel that God has placed on my heart! Who knows what the future will bring, what opportunities or circumstances will change plans, or what path God will have me cross. I don't know, but I am excited and know that His plan is always good.

Thank you again, everyone who participated in the survey. Thank you for all your DM's, your Instagram story votes, comments, email replies and encouragement. Y'all have forever blessed me more than I could ever possibly describe, and I am just so grateful to be a steward of this business and to know you.

Excited to see what 2019 brings. I really do have a good feeling about this year, and I'm excited to see how the Lord moves in my life, business, and with all my sweet customers. 

Truly wishing y'all the most wonderful and splendid day!

Blessings, xo


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