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Posted on 09 September 2016

Awhile ago, Rising Tide Society sent out a daily challenge to encourage community among Instagramer, Makers and Creatives of all kinds! The last challenge was to share about a creative entrepreneur that inspires you - and I couldn't decide on just one, so I decided I had to share about eight of my favorite creative, entrepreneurial ladies and give you the details so you can go stock them on all of their channels ;) 

Kimi of Hooplah + Co


First up, is my sweet cousin Kimi! She has been one of the ladies I have looked up to the longest. She is an illustrator, graphic designer, chalk drawing QUEEN and mama of three adorable little cubs! In the past she has worked at Whole Foods Market as their chalk artist (check her #kimilovechalkboards to see some of her work) and it's only a taste of her talent! She has owns her own freelance business (Bumble & Birch) and recently started a company with some other adorable ladies called HOOPLAH & CO. 

Links: Her Personal Website + Hooplah and Co. // Personal IG + Hooplah and Co. IG



I met Lindsey during a craft fair in this past spring and absolutely LOVED everything in her shop! There is something about her and her aesthetic that just draws you in... Maybe it's her adorable personality, fantastic fashion sense, romantic + modern branding, her delicate and gorgeous jewelry, or her overall presence that just makes you instantly want to know her and call her your friend! Please check out her jewelry and follow her. She has the sweetest personality, she is totally killing it as a #girlboss (even was able to buy her first house with her hubby - working as a ladypreneur!). So inpsiring! 

LINKS: Her Shop + Instagram


I just met this darling friend, and I already adore her so very much! She is a woman of many talents, married to a man of many talents, so I think that makes them a power couple! This lady right here is an embroiderer extraordinaire! She also writes, has a passion for cinderella pumpkins (instant bonding moments) and literature. She can also paint, and does some lovely watercolor pieces - like I said, woman of many talents! She is honest, kind, and probably the cutest red head you'll ever meet. 

LINKS: Her Shop + Instagram


This last has been like a personal mentor to me! I am super thankful God put her in my life. She is a full-time freelance designer, bringing in enough income to support herself AND a second business, running a children's clothing line called, "Cozy Mosie." She has one of those really fantastic laughs, and she overall is the kinda person that constantly makes you smile. She is really talented at design, lettering, and she is a QUEEN of doing large displays (think department store windows - but the cool kind, or the sweetest photo backdrop you've ever seen, or... there really aren't any great examples, because no one else has done it). So just believe me - this is one talented lady! She is also a great conversationalists, and I always learn so much from her when I talk to her. So glad to call you friend! She is now a Nashvillite, so if you're in the area, you need to be her friend! You won't regret it, I promise. 

LINKS: Personal Website + Her Kids Shop + Instagram


Hallie is the owner of a non-profit called Dot Shop Products. We met a year or so ago during an internship, and you want to talk about a total #ladyboss. This lady has a passion for her college and community, as well as the education of children across the world. Her story will inspire you, and she is definitely best described as a "world changer." I am so thankful to know her, and to watch her story grow! She owns a super adorable shop in the cutest town in Mississippi, and I am honored to have some of my items in her shop! Definitely read more of her shop story and the difference she makes every single day in a child's life through selling school supplies! 

LINKS: Shop + Instagram


This lady is also married to a very talented man, Forrest, making them a super-duper power couple! Jen is one of those women that just KNOWS how to start businesses, but not only start them - but run them successfully! Then on top of that, she is an amazing wife, and mother of two of the cutest kids you will ever meet. I met Jen through a show called A People Party Productions, and I am so thankful that I did! I don't know many people who would open up their home to a creative stranger, but she did and the love we received during our weekend with them was remarkable! Forrest and Jen are truly those people that you almost think are fairytale characters, because their life stories and experiences are just so remarkable and captivating! Definitely an inspiring woman, mother and wife. 

LINKS: Her Website + Instagram


This is my precious friend Elisabeth, who is also the first friend I made here in Atlanta! We instantly connected - I'm not sure over what exactly, if you would call it a God connection, a love for lettering and running #girlboss businessnes, or our obsession with Gilmore Girls - but whatever it was, it stuck and now we are friends forever! She just recently quit her full time job to pursue creativity full time, and she is doing an amazing job! Within a week (or two) of doing so, she got her first gig doing a pop-up shop for Madewell - I'd say that's a big deal! If you are getting married or know anyone who is, she is your lady to go to! She has a whimsical and romantic style, but don't let her feminine writing style fool you - this lady is a whiz at all the business stuff, she loves math and numbers, and totally was destined to be a biz queen! She loves her cat, Zuko, and posts funny little stories of him on her IG story. Definitely check her out! 

LINKS: Her Shop + Instagram


I've known Shannon for many, many years and she was also like a mentor to me! I was able to watch her launch teaching calligraphy classes, and even be a part of her very first class! She has been doing calligraphy for over 20 years. She was a homeschool mama of three beautiful children (who are now are all grown and in HS/college) and within the last few years, she really started pursuing calligraphy full-time. I have learned so much from her, and drawn so much inspiration from her! I'm not a mother, but it encourages me to see that you can have fantastic kids, being an amazing ministry wife, and still find time to be creative. She does some pretty amazing scripture prints that make great gifts and are definitely worth checking out! 

LINKS: Her Shop + Instagram

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