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Creative Hub Conference: Recap

Posted on 26 July 2017

Creative Hub Conference - July 2017 Workshop Recap

Hello friends! 

Last week I had the HUGE honor of speaking at my first EVER online conference! One of my 2017 goals at the beginning of the year was to schedule my first speaking engagement, and it felt SO good to knock this off my list! I spoke alongside three other darling ladies - I highly recommend that you check out their sites below:

It was so much fun speaking LIVE at my first conference-style experience, it totally ignited a passion in me to start teaching others! I realized I've learned a lot of the last (almost exactly) two years of being a business owner, and I love helping others get on their feet! Starting a business is always going to be hard and you'll have to navigate your own path, to an extent, to see what works best for you - but it's always nice to hear from someone who has walked that road! If nothing else, it gives you affirmation that the fears, anxieties and other worries are totally normal. So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I'm going to be doing LIVE talks at 5pm EST every Monday night and sharing helpful tips for you and your biz! 


Creative Hub Conference - July 2017 Speakers

So what is the conference? What was it like? 

Well, last January I attended the conference, and I absolutely loved it! Carrie has it set up where she had speakers back-to-back, and they're all within a one hour time frame. Generally the speakers will talk 30-50 minutes, and then they leave time for questions at the end. It's so much fun getting to talk and connect with the other conference attendees, as well as ask the speakers your questions live! I still remember when Lara Casey said, "Hello Rosalynne" (and pronounced it correctly - which almost never happens) and answered whatever question I had. SUCH A COOL FEELING! I only kind of totally freaked out. 

How was my experience as a speaker?

Honestly? The day before the conference, I was feeling super confident and excited about it! However, the day of... reality started to kick in, and I was literally a ball of nerves. (*insert monkey 'see no evil' emoji here*). Not only that, during my talk my computer almost died, I had to turn off the A/C in my sister's apartment (I was visiting her the week of the conference) so I was totally sweating, babbling like a nervous person, and moving around... BUT, nevertheless, it was an absolute blast!

If you weren't there for the conference and you're wondering what the heck I talked about, I shared ALL about products! As you know (hopefully, if you're reading this) I own a product shop and am kind of a total product guru. So I shared behind the scenes, tips and tricks, etc. for anyone who is interested in selling products on their own! If you want a better idea of what I shared, here's the basic outline of my talk:

  • Introduction
  • Crafting Your Story
  • Figuring Out Your Why
  • Brand Character
  • What Products To Create
  • Inspiration and Originality 
  • Selling Online
  • Figuring Out The Rest Of The Details

The other speakers had really great talks too! 

+ Alli K talked about the hustling, and how working hard can really make a huge difference in your business! 

+ Rachel talked about the mental cost of being creative - how to set healthy boundaries for yourself, take time to rejuvenate and prioritize self care, and overall just learning how to slow down (and why it's so beneficial).

+ Liz wrapped up the night talking ALL about your gifts, how to discover and thrive in them. She shared a ton about different personality tests and how they're great tools to learning how to work with your own unique self! 

+ Carrie wasn't one of the speakers, but she's the one who created Creative Hub Conference and she's absolutely amazing! She is literally the queen of kindness - she loves loving on other people and I am so thankful that she gave me this amazing opportunity to speak! Definitely thankful for this wonderful lady.

I think one of my favorite things from the night was how much overlap we had in our talks! Now, all of us speakers had totally different talks, but it was cool to see affirmations and encouraging nuggets sprinkled in through the details we shared throughout our talks. It's so fun to see when God coordinates the little details like that!

If you're interested in watching the videos, you can get the recordings of not just my talk, but all four speakers talks, for only $18! Just use the code "Rosalynne" at checkout and Carrie will email out the recordings to you to watch and keep watching (you get lifetime access). Check it out via the link here!

Below I have a few screenshots I took on my phone that night (so I apologize for the low quality) from different Instagram posts/IG story shoutouts that I saw and was able to capture:

Creative Hub Conference - July Rosalynne Love Speaker Screenshots/Feedback


Lastly, at the end of the conference I made a really exciting announcement...

I'm launching a product course!

This has been another big goal of mine, and I'm excited to finally make it happen! If you've been wanting to open up a product shop but are totally overwhelmed with where to start, how to find products from trustworthy sources, coming up with original ideas, etc. I'll be answering all that and SO much more in my course! The date and landing page are still TBA, but definitely watch out for that soon. 

Now don't forget - I'm starting my weekly Live at 5 pm EDT series this Monday (and all Monday's after that). If you want, you can submit a question (and be entered to my latest giveaway where I'm giving away a free Flourish mug that just launched in the shop) and I'll be choosing from YOUR suggestions the topics for my weekly talks! The plan is to make each talk only about 5-15 minutes, and if you can't make it, I'll be upload all the content to my YouTube channel so you can check it out later on (or rewatch it there). 

So I'm really excited about adding this feature to my business!!!  

Lastly... Here's a ridiculous photo I took once I finished my talk. I felt pretty legit for knocking off a big goal for 2017 (and overcoming my fear of public speaking in a small way) definitely made me feel pretty excited! 

Rosalynne Love - Post Speaking Excitement

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