BIG NEWS: Our Next Adventure

Posted on 15 July 2016

Humble Home



When? Well, we will be moving our stuff a little more east at the end of this month (July)! It’s crazy how fast everything has unfolded, but we are really looking forward to this next adventure God has for us.

Why? The simplest answer I have is that this is where we feel God is calling us. We aren’t totally sure what He has planned for us, but we know that God has an incredible chapter planned for us that has only begun to unfold. However, some of the things we are excited about is to living closer to my parents + sister; for job opportunities and options for Daniel in his career; handmade markets and networking opportunities for me and my Rosalynne Love business; and the housing market has great options and within our price range. These are just a few of the practical things we have come up with, but we know God has SO much more in store for our lives and we're excited to see them unfold.

Where? Our first move will be to my parent’s house, about 45 minutes south of Atlanta. They are gracious enough to house us during our transition, as we figure out where we are going to work (well, where Daniel gets a job) and then where we want to live. From there, it's all in God's hands.

///// Honestly, it’s still a lot to digest, even as I sit down to write this. I still kind of can’t believe that it is really happening! I’ve wanted to share it publically for a while, and have gone back and forth in what way was the best to share my heart on the matter. However, here you have it! This decision has been prayed over for a long time, and we only recently (like last weekend) decided that we were going for it! So we are taking this leap of faith and are really excited to see what God shows us during this new adventure. Your prayers are always appreciated. 

Later on, I might write a longer blog posting sharing more of my heart and more of the chapters as they unfold, but for now I’m keeping it short and sweet so I can just post it (because I keep putting it off). If you know ANYONE in the Atlanta area that you think we should connect with – for job opportunities, friendship, church homes, networking, etc. please let us know! We would love to build any foundations and connections we can at this time. Like I said earlier, we are both really excited to see how God shows up in this next chapter! So stay tuned.

Blessings, Rosalynne

P.S. While we're still in Louisiana - I’d love to hang out and see you before we move and share more of the excitement we have for this next chapter and the adventures we see unfolding!

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