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Fall fever hit me something fierce this past weekend, and with it, all my fall cravings have come in strong!

I posted on Instagram and ran a poll to see if y'all are as ready for fall as I am... And the majority of you voted a strong and resounding YES!!! 

So if we could have a drumroll please....

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr..... (sad attempt of typing a drumroll noise)

I'm excited to announce that 


I think I love Fall most of all

I'm so excited to bring back fall favorites for y'all to enjoy!

These are mugs that are favorites every year in the fall, and it's always such a pleasure and a joy getting to bring them back every fall season.

Fall favorites that are coming back:

Which one are you the most excited to have back in the shop? Let me know in the comments below!


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