Baby Fluty's Gender Reveal Party

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Y'all, my heart is so full and grateful!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of getting to celebrate my very first Mother's Day! Our sweet little babe is a little over halfway through cookin' in the womb, and it was such a gift to celebrate baby's existence on a day that honors my new title of mama.

On top of getting to celebrate my first Mother's Day, we also had the honor to find out if our first born is going to be a son or a daughter!

This highly anticipated moment was a lot of fun to build up to (and wait on) and we decided to have a party at my parents house with a few of our dearest friends and family who could join. On top of that, we did a FB live so that family and friends that lived far away could also join in on the fun and see our exciting news!

My beautiful sister, Alisa was in town (a big reason why we had the reveal party on Mothers Day) and she was able to capture some incredible photos of this exciting day. She's a super talented photographer (check out her website here) and she took some amazing photos of the party, and of our reveal. Her and my mom also did an absolutely incredible job decorating the house for the party... It was all just so beautiful and an absolute dream. Perfect moment and a perfect day.

Also, HUGE shout out to my dear friend Erin Martin and her sweet hubby Rusty, for ordering the balloon for us, being the secret keepers of our baby's genders for a few weeks (no easy feat) and delivering the surprise balloon! So grateful for them and their contribution in this special day.

Alrighty, let's get to some photos!

Here are a few sneak peaks of decorations and sweet little moments that happened before our official reveal. All photos are by my sister, Alisa Nicholle Co

[referencing the above photo] When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately bought a notebook and started writing little love notes and updates to baby! It was super special to bring the notebook to the reveal, and have some of the people I cherish most write little love notes to our future first born. So special.

You can't tell in this photo, but there was an overwhelming popular vote for boy! Most of our friends and family were guessing team boy, and there were only a few for team girl. We'll see which crew had it right - majority vote or the minority vote?

Even the Old Wives Tales were favoring boy... I wonder if this was just random or if there was a connection? Lots of boy vibes were definitely in the air.

My dear friend Joanna of Sunkissed Scripts made this absolutely INCREDIBLE cake! I originally asked her for a recipe of the cake, and she offered to bake it for me (a huge blessing and a much better idea since I am *not* a baker and it likely would have turned out to be a disaster). I told her I loved the look of the "naked" cakes that had the frosting just so, and imagined having greenery on it... And it literally turned out like a dream. Not only in looks but in taste (I'm not even a cake/sweets person, and I had a small second piece). Blessed with the best of friends and family, y'all. I tell ya. 

After an hour of mingling, eating delicious food (also brought my friends and family - seriously surrounded by the best) and hanging out in excited anticipation... The hour finally arrived. 

It was time to find out if we are having a son or a daughter!

So we set up the FB live (well my hubby did, which I'm so grateful for) so our faraway friends and family could watch, and then we grabbed the balloon and a dart...

My heart was racing SOOO hardcore!

I couldn't believe how excitedly nervous I was to see what color popped out of the ballon.

It was also fun to look around the room and see everyone else getting excited, and Jace (our sweet pup) not really sure of what was going on or about to happen (oh buddy, if only you knew how much your life is about to change). 

Here we go!



With joyful hearts and a few tears in our eyes, we're so excited to officially announce that we are going to welcome our first SON this fall!

Y'all, seriously this was such a special moment (and I am just so grateful that my sister captured these photos for us because our reactions are *priceless*). 


The sweet baby kicking and dancing around in my belly is going to be our first born son!

Literally freaking out (still) and just so grateful for this gift and blessing.

Baby boy, your dad and I cannot WAIT to meet you!

Y'all, I'm going to be a boy mama. My heart is so full!

Seriously, it was such an incredible gift getting to find out yesterday with friends and family around. Plus these photos are something I will cherish forever!

Our son is the one who made me a mom and Daniel a dad. We're hoping to continue to grow our family after our son, and while all my kids will be special and cherished, there is something extra special about the first born child that gave me the title of "mom." 

Legit, it's hard to have the right words to say how excited I am! Finding out that we're having a son somehow makes this whole experience even more real than it already was.

I'm just SOOOO excited to meet our son this fall! It still feels like forever away, but I'm hoping the time goes by quickly because I'm just ready to hold him in my arms (once he's done cooking, of course - definitely not hoping for a super early, preemie babe).

Many more photos to come (my sister did a lil maternity session for us later that afternoon and I'm literally sooo obsessed with the photos - we'll definitely be printing out a few for our home) and other updates to come!

I realize I haven't shared how the first trimester was for me, what the second trimester has been like, our anatomy scan and feeling baby kick for the first time, etc. Hoping to get back into this blog train real soon so y'all can have ALL the updates of this super exciting and special season of pregnancy and motherhood.

Thank y'all for checking out this super special day and moment and celebrating with us! And again, HUGE shout out to all the people that contributed and made this day super special (Alisa, Erin and Rusty, Joanna, Mom, Colleen and Judi - y'all are the best). They say it takes a village, and I'm so grateful for the village that's already surrounded and supported us in this new season!

God is just SO good and I'm just so blessed to be a mama bear. A boy mama bear. Our little pumpKING (thanks Lauren Carnes for that cute phrase) will be joining us in a few months and I just can't wait!

Blessings, xo


So grateful for the crew that was able to join us (even on Mothers Day) to celebrate the exciting news of finding out that we'll have a SON join our little family this fall!!!!

 Also, for anyone who wants to watch - here's the "live" video of us finding out the exciting news!

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  • Posted on by Patricia Kohler

    Oh Rosalynne!!! Congratulations to you both!!! I cried happy tears while reading about your joy, and excitement!! What a joy to feel the kicks now too! I am so happy for your entire family! Thank you for sharing, and keeping us posted on your wonderful bundle of baby boy joy!
    💖 Patti

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