Baby Fluty: The First Trimester


Well, well, well... The first trimester. Such an interesting time.

I had heard about the first trimester and morning sickness, but I still wasn't sure what to expect. Up until we found out at 4 weeks (technically it was 6 gestational weeks) I felt totally fine! And in all honesty, most of the sick feelings that came on started to go away right at the 12 weeks mark. So I only had a true 6 weeks of "morning sickness," but y'all that was more than enough!

For me personally, I kind of loathe winter. I wish I didn't. I wish I could find joy in this season, but I have yet to find anything I enjoy about it. As a California native, I don't like being cold and I love the sunshine. I'm definitely solar powered. So every winter, when there's no warmth or sunshine, I always get in a bit of a funk.

Well being in my first trimester during the winter, I felt like I was in a SUPER funk! Quite a few people noticed, but I pretty much completely dropped off of Instagram. I was never on stories, I maybe posted once a week, and even then it was reposted photos I've taken in previous years. My motivation had hit an all-time-low, and it completely freaked me out!

I'm always surprised at my lack of motivation in the winter, but this winter it definitely hit me the worst and I wasn't expecting that! I was hoping to knock out some major home projects since the winter season we don't have a lot going on, and work ahead in my business, again, cause it's a slow season for me.

But none of that happened. My first lesson in grace.

As far as symptoms... it was weird. They felt really intense to me, but at the same time weren't that bad? I think it was more situational than anything else. 

Thankfully, my doctor encouraged me to get on a good prenatal vitamins early when she found out we were only doing the Basal Method as birth control (if you're not familiar with this method, you just take your temperature every morning and record it, and when it goes up that means you're ovulating and that week you either abstain or use other method of birth control if you're not hoping to conceive). So I'm grateful that I didn't have to transition my body into taking a new set of pills to get used to.

Anyways, so my symptoms: I basically felt nauseated 24/7. No matter what I did, I couldn't shake the feeling of sea-sickness. I never threw up (because I taught myself how not to a long time ago) but I sometimes wished I could just to have a little relief.

On top of that, I felt absolutely exhausted. I slept more in this season than I have since I was likely a little babe. I'd go to bed at like 8 pm, wake up between 8-10 (depending on if I was working at CFA or from home). Even with the like, 12+ hours of sleep, I would still need a nap or two for at least an hour or two!

So legit, I SLEPT A LOT.

I let my body do this, because I figured that a) baby needed it and b) this was opportunity to get lots of luxury sleep before we move into a season of sleep deprivation. So I was great at giving myself grace here!

Also pro tip: a lot of mamas have recommended enjoying sleep cause if we get pregnant with a baby #2 down the road, I won't have the same luxury of getting to sleep whenever I want since I'll have a little to take care of while growing a second litt.e 

I think overall the hardest part was not feeling great - which fun fact, whenever I get sick I turn SUPER grumpy. Cause I'm the WORST at sitting still and just resting... It's definitely a weakness of mine. And I know I needed to go through this and God taught me a lot in this season (and I'm sure is preparing me for the seasons ahead) but it was definitely really hard.

I'm a very productively person, so to be in a season where my body could literally accomplish like, eating and sleeping and that's about it, was difficult for me to accept. I also wasn't very kind on myself, and beat myself up for not getting things done... Which wasn't my finest moment or the best thing to do to a newly pregnant mama!

I was just grumpy and had a really negative attitude. I wish that wasn't the case, but I'm grateful that God and Daniel loved me through it, and gave me grace to keep going on.

So honestly, I think that's pretty much the first trimester! It wasn't an absolutely miserable experience, but it was far from enjoyable. I'm grateful to now know what the experience was like, and if the Lord gives us a next time, than I'll prayerfully prepare my heart to give myself more grace to do the miraculous things that God created for it to do! Even if that means I just fed myself and kept my humans thriving.

As one friend encouraged me, "Even on your worst and least "productive" day, Rosalynne, you're still growing a human!" While I don't like to pull the pregnancy card, this is a very true and powerful reminder. I shouldn't take light the fact that growing a human is a big gift and a big deal!

Now, I did mention above that I started to feel better right around 12 weeks. I was so grateful! Honestly, I'm not sure if that was truly a change in my physical body (well, it totally was cause I started needing to sleep less and eat less crackers and ginger), but also the fact that Spring was starting to come! The weather was warming up and sunshine started to peak it's way through the grayness that winter brings.

Either way, I was thankful for the change!

So that's the first trimester update. I wish I had something more encouraging to say, but I do think there is purpose in the difficulty of the first trimester. Now that I'm past it, I feel SO grateful and healthy and well and am just soaking up the fact that I feel so great! Not sure I would have acknowledged or celebrated this as much had I not experienced the latter, ya know?

I've also gained some perspective and realize that I didn't have it that bad - I honestly think most of it for me was the lack of sunshine (because I am so solar powered). But I am grateful for God's timing and knowing that I slept through most of my least favorite season, and now get to enjoy the sunshine and then welcome our sweet little one during my favorite season (fall)! So the timing is beautiful.

Have any other questions for me? If so, feel free to leave them in a comment below and I'll be happy to answer!

Otherwise, I'll be writing a second trimester update soon (even though I'm only part of the way through it). But long story short: I'm LOVING second trimester and all the blessings that come with it (a cute belly bump, feeling baby kick and finding out the gender).

If you missed our announcement, check out the post here. That's also where I share how we told our families (one of my favorite things so far). 

Alrighty friends, until next time!

Blessings, xo


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