53 of the Best DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas


Happy {almost} Halloween! 

I don't know about y'all - even though I love Halloween, I don't seem to know too many other grown ups that love dressing up... So if we do end up doing something for Halloween, it usually tends to be something that is very last minute. That being said - I've put together a few of my favorite DIY costume ideas that aren't too complicated to make! The ideas range form a single idea, to couple ideas, to group ideas! 

So here's a list of a few of my favorite DIY Halloween Costumes. Enjoy! 

DIY Gumball Costume

Gumball Machine Costume

What you need: A red skirt, some felt, a sharpie and colorful pompoms. 

DIY instructions: Joy of Fashion

DIY Audrey Hepburn Costume

Audrey Hepburn Costume

What you need: Black dress, some fake pearls and cute updo hairdo. 

DIY Instructions here

DIY Ring Pop Costume

Ringpop Costume

What you need: Cardboard, some paint and a cute blue skirt. 

DIY Instructions: here

DIY Snapchat Filter

Flower Crown Snapchat Filter

What you need: 

DIY instructions: here (link also includes a few other fun snapchat filters)

DIY Ice Cream Cone 

Ice Cream Costume

What you need: A bit of white, tulle, some felt and brown paper. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Fry Costume

French Fry Costume

What you need: Cardboard and spray paint make this a fun DIY!

DIY instructions: here

DIY Cereal Bowl

Cereal Bowl Costume

What you need: This one's a little more involved... See Studio DIY's instructions to set yourself up for success!

DIY instructions: here

DIY Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Costume

What you need: A simple black and white outfit, an umbrella and a red ribbon. 

DIY instructions: here

Quinoa Costume

Quinoa Superhero Costume

Is it a super hero or a super food... The world may never know. 

What you need: A beige t-shirt, some pompoms and burlap.

DIY instructions: here

DIY Cuckoo Costume Idea

Cuckoo Clock Costume

What you need: This one is a little more involved and hands on - so check the link below. Fun tip: you get to forage in nature for some fun items like pinecones! 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Olaf Costume

OLAF Costume 

What you need: A beanie, some tulle and colored felt. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Cotton Candy Costume

Cotton Candy Costume

What you need: lots and lots of pillow fluff/stuff. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Strawberry Costume

Strawberry Costume

What you need: Red dress, white felt, and some green construction paper. 

DIY instructions: here


Studio DIY | Queen Bee | Halloween Costume

Queen Bee Costume

What you need: a few pipe cleaners and some construction paper. 

DIY source: via Studio DIY

Arthur Costume

Arthur Costume

What you need: Some felt and a yellow sweater. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

Cookie Monster Costume

What you need: Lots of blue, feather boas and tulle. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Paper Doll

Paper Doll Costume

What you need: Foam board and fabric. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Glowing Cactus

Light Up Cactus Costume

What you need: A green top, orange skirt, pink tulle and some fancy light up stuff. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY It's Raining Men Costume

It's Raining Men Costume

What you need: An umbrella, rainboots, and some fancy of man crushes. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Halloween Costume

Scarecrow Costume

What you need: Flannel and some face makeup. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Pineapple Costume

Pineapple Costume

What you need: A yellow dress and some green construction paper. 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Popcorn Halloween Costume

Popcorn Costume

What you need: A red dress, some white paper and yellow spray paint.

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

Emoji Costume

Emoji Girl Costume

Simplest. Costume. Ever!

What you need: A pink top. And maybe a pair of scissors. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Grape Costume

Grape Costume

What you need: Purple balloon and some green felt. 

DIY instructions: eHow

Bubble Bath - Costume Idea

Bubble Bath

What you need: A few white balloons, a white t-shirt, safety pins, a shower cap and a loofah!

DIY inspiration: Country Living

DIY Silent Film Costume

Silent Film Costume

What you need: Black and white clothes and some gray face paint. 

DIY instructions: here


Sriracha Hot Sauce

What you need: A sriracha top and some green construction paper. 

DIY instructions: Sarah Hearts

DIY 90's Costume

90's Costume Idea's

What you need: This varies by each costume, so check out the link below! 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Poptart Costume

Poptart Costume

What you need: A tan dress, some felt and pompoms! 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Chill Pill Costume

Chill Pill Costume

What you need: Pink skirt, white top and black felt. 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Sheep Costume

Sheep Costume

What you need: A white dress and LOTS of cotton balls! 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Frosted Animal Cookie

Frosted Animal Cookie Costume

What you need: Pink dress, pompoms and some white cardboard. 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Jelly Belly Costume

Jelly Belly Costume

What you need: Lots of colorful balloons! 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Beach Day - Beach Ball and Palm Tree Costume


Beach Costume

What you need: Green felt, a simple dress, and then a little paper mache. 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Hot Dog and Condiments Costume Idea

DIY Hotdog and Condiments

What you need: Simple colored dress and felt! 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Burger Costume

Burger Costume

What you need: large amounts of colorful felt. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Rabbit Costume

Rabbit From Alice In Wonderland

What you need: A white dress, red blazer and some bunny ears. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Fox Costume

Foxy Fox Costume

What you need: Face paint, a cute red sweater and some felt. 

DIY instructions: here

 DIY Deer Costume - Lauren Conrad

Fancy Fur Creatures Costume

What you need: A cute dress, some face paint and cute fluffy ears. 

DIY instructions: Lauren Conrad

DIY Burn Book via Studio DIY

Mean Girls: Burn Book Costume

What you need: A pink dress and some letters. Simple enough, right? 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Watermelon Costume

Watermelon Costume

What you need: A pink dress and some letters. Simple enough, right? 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Costume

Rosie Riveter Costume

What you need: Red lipstick, jean top and a red bandana. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY SIA | Halloween Costume

SIA Costume

What you need: A black tank, white blazer, wig and trash bag.

DIY source: here

DIY Citrus Costume

Citrus Costume

What you need: A solid color dress and some white felt. 

DIY instructions: Studio DIY

DIY Halloween Costume

Giraffe Costume

What you need: Face paint and some false eyelashes. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland Costume

What you need: Blue dress, white tights, maybe a little lace and a headband. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY French Mime

Mime Costume

What you need: Black clothes and some white gloves.

DIY instructions: here

DIY Halloween Costume

Wind Up Doll Costume

What you need: A feminine dress and some cardboard. 

DIY instructions: here


Mr. & Mrs. Fox Costume

What you need: A yellow dress and some fox masks. 

DIY instructions: here

DIY Mermaid Costume

Mermaid Costume

What you need: Lots of shells and lots of sequins. 

DIY instructions: Lauren Conrad

DIY Cat Costume

Cat Costume

What you need: Some cat ears and face paint. 

DIY instructions: here


Also, if you check out THIS LINK there's 70 different halloween costume inspiration idea's that people posted on Instagram... There aren't DIY's to accompany each post, but it's definitely a great place to source inspiration.

Thanks for reading - and can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

P.S. I just had to throw this one in here:

DIY Up Costume

Isn't this just the absolute CUTEST?! #heartmelting 

Photography source: here

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