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Hello friends!

Today is my birthday AND it's a Friday (so #FridayIntroductions, anyone?) so I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about myself!

1. I'm a believer and Christ-follower, and literally have been for as long as I can remember.

2. I'm a PK, or Pastor's Kid, so that probably has a lot to do with why I've been a believer my whole life. I legit grew up in the church as my backyard, and I loved it.

3. My favorite scriptures are in Psalm 46. It has been since highschool and probably always will be. My favorite verses change depending on my season, but "Be Still" will always be a challenge point for me in my faith. 

4. I'm not a "buy me flowers" kind of person... But if you want to buy me some greenery/plants, then I am totally game! Give me a succulent, fiddle leaf fig or eucalyptus leaves any. day. *heart eyes*

5. I'm 1000% obsessed with Lavender... I've even *half* joke that I would name a future child lavender, because I really am that obsessed. I wear, use and diffuse lavender every single day. 

6. I was born in Arizona, grew up in California, spent highschool in Illinois, moved to France for a semester, met my husband and moved to Louisiana and then now live in Atlanta, GA and love it!

7. My husband and I both work for Chick-fil-A Corporate here in Atlanta, LOVE it, and get to carpool every day together, which is fun!

8. My "go to" outfit include black, ripped skinny jeans, a hat, red lipstick and probably boots. Even in the summer. 

9. I'm totally a fall girl. If I could live in a perpetual fall where the sun is always shining, I would be in my climate. Aka I need to move back to California. 

10. I LOVE grocery shopping. I don't know why, because that wasn't always true, but I would rather go grocery shopping than clothes or any other kind of shopping any day! 

11. I really love to dance and have got some pretty groovy natural rhythm. If you ever need someone to dance with at your next wedding or fancy event, just hit me up! 

12. I love hearing people's stories. I've even contemplated starting a podcast just so I could have more of an excuse to ask people their stories. I think humans are absolutely fascinating, and what we think is "normal" or "average" is often completely different from someone else! 

13. I REALLY love coffee, and actually need it everyday. Like I need coffee in the first 30 minutes when I wake up, or I'll have the worst (lack of) caffeine headache and get really grumpy. 

14. My great grandma was full-blood Native American (Cherokee and Blackfoot) and I always like to joke how you can tell that it's in my blood by my light hair, light eyes and light skin... Ha! Nevertheless, my family would made traditional jewelry and sell it growing up (I come from a family of entrepreneurs) and I have a few of the original pieces, and they are my favorite jewelry that I own (next to my wedding ring). 

15. I would rather be outside than inside any day! Since I started working at Chick-fil-A and due to the winter weather I have to be mostly inside (because I get cold super easy), I tend to always be sitting my the floor-to-ceiling windows so I can at least feel like I am outside.

Fun story: when I was a baby and would cry (as babies do), the only way my mom could get me to stop crying was to either take me outside, or bring me in front of our sliding glass doors to the backyard so I *thought* I was outside. So I kind of have always been this way. 

16. I don't have any tattoos, but want about a zillion different ones. Not sure if I'll ever go for it or not, though. TBD. 

17. Daniel and I have been married for almost SIX years! Which still blows my mind. I definitely don't feel old enough to have been married for nearly six years. 

18. I prefer a roadtrip to flying, anyday. However, given the option to do any kind of travel I will always be up for it! I'm a big believer in adventure and exploring this beautiful world God created. 

19. I love, love, love to read. It's easily one of my favorite pass times, but sadly something I don't do enough. Probably because I'm the kind of person that when I start a book, I don't put it down and will read the entire book in one sitting, or 2-3 days max if it's a longer book.

I also do this with TV shows, which is why I don't watch TV. I feel good and like I accomplished something after binge reading a book... Can't say the same with TV.

20. Speaking of reading, I am THAT person that reads the last page of a book to decide if I think it's worth reading or not. I think cause I'm a "happy ending" person, so if it has a terrible ending... I'd rather not spend the time in the book. 

21. I love board sports. I briefly skateboarding when I was a kid, but in high school I picked up surfing and snowboarding (both of which I love). Definitely have a preference for surfing... But living in the midwest and in the south, I think snowboarding has been a little more accessible.

22. I'm pretty sure I'm part mermaid. I love being in the water, any body of water, though the California girl in me will always love the ocean most of all. 

23. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my bra and my pants. Like literally within minutes of being home... Because I'm not a fan of wearing either. haha! 

24. I LOVE hugs and firmly believe that people should be hugged regularly! 

25. I did musical theatre in high school and parts of college, and absolutely loved it! Music and dancing will forever be two of my favorite things, and combine this with community that is found when you're with the same people everyday for months... It's pretty much my musical extraverted heaven. 

26. Daniel and I are currently house shopping, and we're really hoping to get a small plot of land because I really, really want chickens, goats and bees... and a HUGE garden. We both dream of living off the grid (or mostly off the grid) one day. We'll probably become farmers eventually, which cracks me up, cause I never would have pictured myself desiring these things... but ya know. That's how life goes. 

27. I once went on a mission trip to Ethiopia (one of my the best experiences of my life) and I was blessed by the village chief in a rural mountain village. Ask me about this experience sometime.. Because it will forever be one of the highlights of my life.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully you learned something fun and new. I'm excited for this 27th year and to see what God has in store for us!

Blessings, xo

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