2017: Year in Review


2017: Year in Review

How is it already 2018?! I'm not entire sure, but either way, I wanted to take some time and reflect on all the blessings and memories God has given me over the last year! It's been one full or grand adventures, lots of travel, a ton of learning and big leaps of faith! So without further adieu, here's my recap for the last year. 


One of the biggest highlights from January was the quality time I had with the women in my family - three generations, including my sweet best friend and "treasure" (our nickname for each other), my precious Grandma Sherry! 

My grandmother stayed with us for nearly a month in December, and it was such a gift to spend so much quality time with her. Due to her memory not being the best, I needed to escort her on her flight home. If I was flying all the way to California, it only made sense to stay there awhile and get a little bit of an extra special visit with my grandma. I also have a dear friend that lives in the same area, so I was also able to soak up some quality time with her! I was just a day shy of getting to meet her first born son, Grayson, but I'm thankful for the time I was able to share with this sweet new mama. 

Later that month, another one of my dear besties (Brittani) drove from Louisiana to Georgia with a friend (Sarah) and then all three of us roadtripped up to North Carolina for a concert with Cageless Birds – featuring Melissa and Johnathan Hessler and Mary Kate Skaggs. HANDS DOWN one of the best worship nights I've ever experience, and some of the most talented musicians and artists I’ve ever heard. Definitely a fun and amazing weekend that I will not soon forget. Here's a blog recap post if you want to read a little more about this trip and some of the fun places we visited while up there! 



At the end of January and into the beginning of February,  I went on a roadtrip by myself up to Illinois (a 10+ hour drive) to visit my sister! I stayed with her for a week, working and exploring new parts of town. After 5-6 days up there, I drove down to Nashville and stayed with two dear friends and sisters (Libby and Abby) and explored Nashville – one of my favorite cities! I participated in one of my first coffee shoppe hops (read the blog post here) and drank more coffee in one day than I’ve ever drank in my entire life.

But y'all, it was SO. WORTH. IT.

Here's link to all my recommendations and my favorite places! 


My birthday month! Had an amazing girls day in Atlanta with two dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs, Lindsey (link) and Elisabeth (link) and explored some of the top places on my list in Atlanta (aka: coffee shops and thus coffee shoppe hop round two). It was a lot of fun and definitely a great way to celebrate my birthday with some darling friends and creatives! 

A few favorites from this adventure: Julianna's Coffee & Crepes (delicious crepes), Octane (BEST latte ever), Chrome Yellow Coffee (fave coffee shop) and Dancing Goats Coffee (coolest porch + swing). 

March also means one of my favorite conferences – the Makers Summit – which is always a fun an inspirational weekend to go. I love meeting other makers, hearing stories and getting to brain storm new ideas!

Then at the end of the month – I went to the Making Things Happen Intensive! I wish I had written a blog post about it right after it happened… But it was truly a life changing event. This was the kind of conference where you don’t go away with just the “feel goods” and inspiration – there’s a reason it’s called an intensive and not conference. It was definitely intense. We dug deep into the ROOT of issues, goals, dreams and our mindset, so figure out where we have established road blocks and how to build our business, and our future, in a way where we can look back and feel proud at 80 years old. HIGHLY recommend, and I will say it’s completely worth the investment. 

 I got to meet Katelyn James - which if I'm being honest... I had no idea who she was, just that she was my group leader and a TOTAL gem! Our other leader was Nancy Ray, who has to be another one of the absolute SWEETEST humans I've ever met in my entire life. So thankful for both of them!


Launched my spring apparel line! This was probably one of the absolute biggest launches I've ever done - and it was so exciting to plan, photograph and release such a big collection and see it come to life! A few of the newbies were:

  • Flourish where you’re planted
  • Jesus & Yoga
  • Faith & French Press
  • Lord, Lipstick & Lattes

April also started our show season, and we kicked off the season at one of my forever favorite shows: the Ruston Makers Fair! This show will always be near and dear because it’s located in the sweet college town where Daniel and I are started our lives as a married couple together.

During this month, I also had the blessing to go on a Girl's trip with three fellow entrepreneurs and women I love. We raodtripped to Charleston, SC (an absolutely STUNNING place) and I wrote a little more about our trip and adventure here! I also did one of my first ever VLOGS, which you can watch here.

Lastly, April was the start of a new monthly thing with Rosalynne Love - desktop and phone background FREEBIES! This is something I enjoyed creating every month and sending out to all of my newsletter subscribers. One of my favorite designs to date is below:


May brings my husbands birthday, our FIVE YEAR anniversary and one of our favorite shows - The Little Craft Show - up in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

A few highlights from The Little Craft Show:

  • Stayed in the cutest tiny house
  • Met IG friend @musingsofglitter
  • Created cute little succulent gifts in mugs
  • Even made a little video - Link to YouTube Video

Also, SUPER excited to have hit the 5 year mark and reach this milestone with the hubs! Definitely thankful for all God has taught us over the last five years, 

Next up... SUMMER VIBES! 


Went on a cruise to the Caribbean with my in-laws! This was such a treat - getting a week long vacation to the beach (my favorite) and I got to knock out a few new countries off my list! We went to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel. Definitely a beautiful and memorable week! Here's link further recapping our beautiful vacation.


Bought a screenprinting kit + started printing on my own. This has been something I've been wanting to do since I graduated college and no longer could print on my own... And it has been such a gift! So thankful to have the freedom to print whatever I want, and in whatever quantity. Hoping this will open the door to new opportunities in my business and in 2018! 

Sadly... this is the only photo I have with my kit - and it's a still from a boomerang of me printing on a humid, southern summer day. #reallife

This month I also knocked out another big bucket-list item...I spoke at my very first conference! It's an online conference called "Creative Hub Conference" and I shared TONS of information on Products, with tips on how to navigate and start a product shop business. This was a ton of fun and definitely something I really enjoyed doing! If you want to know more - here's a little blog recap.

*Doodle by Ali K Designs 

Finally, I drove up to Illinois to help my sister launch a new company with her business partner! It's been amazing to watch my sister and her entrepreneurial journal, and I am so proud of all that she has done and how much she has grown, not only as a person, but as an entrepreneur! Anyways, enough gushy sister stuff - if you want to know more about this trip, here's a recap of what they called the "Hart Haus Preview Weekend." Link to Blog Post and Link to Video


Participated in my first ever "styled" shoot, as part of a live photography workshop! 

Selected some amazing blog ambassadors (a first for me) and sent them new products that were coming out... And in return, was featured on some darling blogs! Read more about each ambassador and links to their posts here!

Then I participated in another great event with ATL Girl Gang! 


September 1st meant that it was *officially* pumpkin season - so obviously it made sense to launch my fall collection! I was able to come out with a few new designs, along with bring back a few loved designs. I created the "Pumpkin Lady" Tee, "Jesus & Pumpkin Spice" Tee and brought back "Pumpkin Spice Coffee Addict" Tee. Then we had the "Morning Pumpkin" mug (a crowd favorite), "You Had Me At Pumpkin Spice Latte" Glass Mug and the classic fall tumbler, "Pumpkin Spice Coffee Addict." 

Started a job at CFA (link to blog post)

October I hit another milestone - with getting 10k on Instagram + my biggest giveaway to date! 


Show season has begun!

Launched one of my favorite new mugs... "Grateful"


Launched the beginning of my Mommy & Me Collection with the "Family Bear" collection, as I like to call it. It has quickly become one of my most popular designs to date! 

October we (the hubs and I) also went camping with my best friend, and FILLED our trunk with pumpkins. 


Launched my "Holiday Campfire Mug" Collection!

Did lots of shows and orders, and tons of happy dances with every one!


“Plant Lady” was featured on both Buzzfeed (link) and Etsy (link). This was HUGE and a big bucket list item that was amazing to have happen! 

Plant Lady | Buzzfeed | Rosalynne Love

December I came out with my FIRST annual Holiday Gift Guide, #shopsmall edition, and I absolutely loved it! It was so amazing having tons of makers submit to be a part of the guide, and it was hard *semi* condensing it (trust me, it could have been so much longer) to some of the best of the best! Hope you were able to shop some last minute items with this list. 

Finished up show season and the last of holiday orders, and then a lovely 10 day break visiting friends, family and getting to be in one of my best friends weddings! 

 So thankful! It's been an amazing year, and God has truly blessed us with a lot of great memories and lessons. I'm excited to now have my husband Daniel as a more active participant in my business - excited to see his thoughts and inputs and how that impacts the future of Rosalynne Love (for the better) in 2018!

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