10 Shops You Need To Purchase From This Mother's Day


Happy (almost) Mother's Day!

With this lovely holiday just around the corner, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite shop's that I highly recommend you shop from for Mother's Day this season! I mean, your mom will love however you honor her special day, but why not step up your game and give an extra special gift, that will also support a small shop owner as well? Several of these shop also donate to other people in need, so your purchase would literally be a triple one!

One: You get to become daughter of the year with an incredible and intentional gift!

Two: You're support a maker in their field of expertise, and helping to fuel their God-given gifts and talents.

Three: Some of these shops donate a portion of every purchase to help others in need!


Alright, so without further adieu - let's get to it!

Stamped And Finch

Lindsey from Stamped And Finch: Website | Shop | Instagram

Lindsey is hands down one of my favorite jewelers! I feel like everything she touches turns to gold. Okay, maybe that's not true, but all of her products are so heartfelt and meaningful, and I love how passionate she is about words. She sells jewelry with beautiful phrases and meanings already attached, but her real niche is being able to customize her products into a word or phrase that you can carry with you wherever you go! I personally have several pieces of her jewelry, and I love the personalization I have with each and every piece.

She recently launched a beautiful new spring collection with a ton of incredible products, and I highly recommend that you check it out! Here's a link to the new goodies. 

Anna Kay - Watercolor Artist - Stationary - Watercolor Stationary

Anna Kay from Anna Kay Artworks: Website | Shop | Instagram

My sweet friend Anna Kay is an extremely talented watercolor artist! She specializes in commissions where she takes meaningful moments from your life (your wedding day, your first home, an engagement sessions, etc) and draws them out for you. I absolutely love this!

However, this process takes a few weeks, so since Mother's Day is around the corner, I thought I would share her beautiful watercolor stationary! This is a beautiful set of either 8 or 16, and would be a great gift to give to your mom.

Happy Home | Printable Happies

Allyson from Printable Happies: Website | Shop | Instagram

Allyson is another fellow letterer and product guru. This lady truly kills it when it comes to products - she has such a variety of products with fun and joyful phrases! I love her happy spirit, and am always amazed by the variety of items she is able to carry in her shop. She is one of those "one stop shop" kinda people, because I think there's a little something for everyone in her shop. Definitely check her out! Brave Little Ones | Hey Baby

Tiffany from Brave Little Ones: Website | Shop | Instagram

This is one of my personal favorite mama/baby shirt combos! I may or may not have already purchased this set for whenever we start a family ;) I legit think this is the cutest combo, and I love supporting Tiffany! She's another fellow screenprinting gal, and she's the one who told me about Under His Umbrella (the organization she gives a large portion of her proceeds to). She's really involved in the UHU school, even giving away a shirt for all the students to wear as part of their uniform! I love her heart and the beautiful products that she makes. Hands down the best place to shop if you need some cute goodies for a sweet little one!

Emily from Sizelove Calligraphy & Design: Website | Shop | Instagram

If your mom has always wanted to learn how to letter, or you want to give her a gift of something that y'all can work on/learn together, this workbook is perfect! Emily recently came out with this *mini* edition, which is only $25! So this is a perfect, thoughtful gift that encourages as experience and possibly a moment shared between yourself and your mom!

Plus, a little added bonus, Emily is about to have her first little one enter into the world! So what better way to celebrate your mama and another mama maker in the process?

Shannon of Paperglaze Calligraphy: Website | Shop | Instagram

I've known Shannon since before my business started, and I've always admired her heart for the Lord and desire to share scriptures with others in a beautiful way. I remember when she launched her Bella Scriptura prints, and I was actually there when she taught her first lettering class! I am thankful for her mentorship, expertise, and for being an incredible mom and entrepreneur!

So like I mentioned before, she has a beautiful line of Bella Scriptura prints - they are lettered scriptures in a beautiful calligraphy-designed style. These prints are the perfect gift and encouragement to your sweet mama! Add in a beautiful frame from Target or TJ Maxx, and you'll be golden!

Debrosse NYC

Teresa (T) of Debrosse NYC: Website | Shop | Instagram 

This shop gives back!

If you're more so the kind of person that likes to makes meaningful gifts, Teresa of Debrosse NYC has a huge collection of incredible and beautiful gifts that you can purchase already made, or make for yourself! This blanket looks so cozy and perfect, and it would be an incredible and special gift for you to give to your lovely mama.

I recently found Teresa on Instagram, and I love her sassy personality! She is pretty much the queen of minimalistic style, monochromatic everything, and she is an organizational queen! She lives in a tiny apartment in New York, and I always enjoy when she shares stories on how her couch doubles as storage for her business.

She is passionate about Haiti, and her business is actually named after a little boy she fell in love with after a visit to the country. She currently employs his mama as a maker in the shop!


Calli of Storyweaver Mercantile: Website | Shop | Instagram

This shop gives back!

Does your mama love to cook? If so, you can snag a beautiful set of olive wood serving spoons. These spoons are not only beautiful and hand crafted, but they are made by employees who are rising above their circumstances. Badala helps end the brutal cycle of sex trafficking. So you can give your mom something beautiful that helps provide a woman with a skill and a dignified job opportunity!

Plus you get the help Calli fuel her passion of sharing ethical and fair-trade, handmade products with the world (in between homeschooling her two adorable daughters). We'll call this a quadtruple win.

Also, Calli sells a ton of other incredible makers goods! She has tons more amazing home good products, beautiful handmade leather bags, and more. Highly recommend that you peruse her site and check out all the goodies (and read more about the companies she sells and the incredible changes and differences they're making in communities around the world).

Thrive Collective - Handmade Cosmetic Bag From Guatemala

Amanda and Cassie of The Thrive Collective: Website | Shop | Instagram

This shop gives back! 

Amanda and Cassie are passionate about teaching people in Guatemala how to make beautiful products. They found that one of the biggest problems in the are was the lack of job opportunities, so they decided to help find a solution. Amanda and her husband Mitch actually moved to Guatemala to pour into the community, teach pastors and plant a church.

The Thrive Collective was created to empower others and help communities Thrive. Amanda and Cassie, along with their husband are passionate about Gospel, business, and social good. Definitely check out their incredible company and support the incredible work that they are doing!

Mama Bear Tote

Rosalynne from Rosalynne Love: Website | Shop | Instagram

This shop gives back!

Then of course, last but not least, I have tons of goodies in my shop! I recently launch my canvas tote bags, and they've become one of my top selling items in the shop. This Mama Bear phrase has resonated with a lot of my sweet mama friends, and I'd love for you to gift this to your precious mama as well!

Every purchase in my shop, whether it's a cute tote, tee or mug, supports the six beautiful children in my shop. You can read more and learn more about them here, or check out this blog post where I really take a deep dive in my heart behind sponsor children!

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